3:17 PM

The last paragraph really is the most relevant. Setting aside the fact that it’s not “hacking” to broadcast on a published team frequency - all it takes is a handheld radio - how have the teams managed to avoid being constantly jammed this far? NASCAR wants fans to be able to listen to the team communications so it’s Read more

5:04 PM

Endgame is horribly broken as a movie anyway, because Thanos never returns to his own pre-snap timeline to cause the snap in the first place. And before somebody tries to throw some multiverse hand waving on me, that just means that it happened in another timeline, and therefore free will (and by extension, existence Read more

4:53 PM

I actually did a blog post on this subject (the “fast food” taco versus the “value menu” hamburger” a while back.

The big problem with BK’s tacos is that they aren’t as “good” as JitB’s, and they’re significantly more expensive. They are relying on the novelty aspect to sell them, because they aren’t a good value for Read more

4:28 PM

It looks cool and fun, but it’s not a tank, no matter what they call it. But hey, why not use wrong words for things? *coughfirstmidenginecorvettecough*

5:46 PM

I get that we aren’t talking about some Birdcage Maserati here. If you own some random, common POS and want to do an electric conversion, knock yourself out. Just don’t blow sunshine up my ass about how electric conversions are going to “save” classic cars. 

7:33 PM

“I like wild animals,” you say to yourself. You know, the ones that you see on safari in Africa. But how can ensure they will be around for the future?” Friend, you need some more animatronics in your life. Read more

5:51 PM
3 what you’re saying is that there is a Willys CJ-2A project for sale?

5:56 PM

If the bars can’t push through canvas, somehow I doubt they will be of any use in providing rollover protection...

8:07 PM

You’re really not able to understand that this is a Super 8 film camera, not a “video” camera? You even say “film” later on in the body text. 

Super, super lazy, David. But you’re definitely the right guy for Jalopnik.

7:43 PM

There’s literally no other human-habitable manmade object that has been in space this long, so I can definitely see some scientific value to examining its condition to see how decades of exposure to cosmic rays, solar wind, micrometeorites, radiation across the EM spectrum, and hard vacuum have affected it.
Granted, Read more

5:45 PM

Those adorable little tracks! Even as completely un-armored as this thing is, on anything other than pavement, it’s gonna get stuck ten feet above the high tide mark. I hope they program them with the coordinates of boat ramps, because otherwise these things are just going to be Autonomous Beach Obstacles that you can Read more

3:53 PM

The problem is that armored vehicles are very maintenance-intensive, so even a 4 man crew has plenty to do all the time when they aren’t in combat. That’s at least part of the reason why US forces never adopted an autoloader and 2-man turret for the M1. Read more

5:03 PM

“Fortunately, we were fully insured... Some might even say excessively so.”

4:57 PM

I know I am slower, but that’s because I bother to proofread.

Wait, no... you aren’t talking about pinching out unedited content. I’m probably slower behind the wheel, too. But at least I didn’t stuff a new Camaro into the wall when I drove one at the Belle Isle intro, so I think it’s a good tradeoff.

7:22 PM

Holy crap... did you idiots actually misspell “Mitsubishi” in the headline, then not catch it before you published it to Jalopnik, then not catch it AGAIN when you posted the link to Facebook? Read more

6:36 PM

“DIY Submarine” is just another way of saying “elaborate, painful, low success rate suicide method.” For the kinds of exploration they’re ostensibly interested in, remotely-operated vehicles would be vastly more flexible, have much deeper dive limits, and be far more economical without any of the challenges of life Read more