Honestly, considering how well known the movies are for being Not Good (we exclude the first one for setting the whole thing into motion, its soundtrack, and that it’s basically just a music video), and the fact that TV is considered Very Good these days, I’m perpetually baffled that every time Highlander gets brought Read more

They were so married it hurt.
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Agreed. My takeaway when leaving the theater was “it did what I expected it to do, and did a decent job of it”. Not a brilliant film, and do I ever wish Jackson had been given more of everything, but it was overall okay.
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Crispin Glover was made to play Mr. World. (Has he worked with David Lynch? If not, why?) I desperately want to see more of him in the role. Read more

What a drag. It wasn’t perfect, but AG’s first season was something that still blew me away, between its interpretation of the larger story and its depiction of (Laura’s) living with long-term depression.

Puzzled by the unnecessary name change for Monica, even if I am hugely relieved to see her included.

Azzarello: I’m not really changing anything. I’m bringing it back to Vertigo. Where he belongs! Read more

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I can’t watch anyone fight with an axe and not immediately go to this.

Michael Sheen, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Flappy hands of delight! Read more

Nope, you’re right! I was mistaken, so this is extra happy news re: representation. Read more

I liked her well enough in John Wick 2, but as you say, the fact that she had no speaking lines was, well, kind of convenient. Thanks for the info! tbh, I hadn’t realized Michael Emerson was part of the Arrowverse, so life is now officially more exciting. Read more

Thanks for the right info. I mentioned elsewhere that I don’t know why I thought she was bi -- possibly having read too many articles during her OITNB tenure about how “Ruby Rose is Making Straight Women Wish They Weren’t”. Regardless, I’m glad to have the representation. Read more

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t know what made me think bi, but clearly didn’t have the right info. I’m familiar with her modeling career -- really liked some of her work. Read more

Fair enough, although I’d hardly call Kate a Mary Sue. Read more

Shit, you’re right. Thanks for the clarification, A. I don’t know what made me think bi, but yay representation! Read more

Huh. Well, I guess at least she’s bi. Read more

To be fair, that’s been a lot of Mitra’s CV in the past quite-a-few-years: bad. Read more

Deadline reports Underworld: Rise of the Lycans star Rhona Mitra has joined the cast as Lex Luthor’s bodyguard, Mercy Graves. Read more

After discovering her boyfriend literally fridged at the end of last night’s episode, Detective O’Reilly learns she’s in mortal danger in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Back Breaker.” Read more