Sep 19 2016

As other people have said, it doesn't really sound like these are your mistakes. If it makes you feel any better, I've also made a lot of tiny errors that might screw over my dissertation proposal. My mom works in the medical field - she often tried to rank mistakes. A 10 is if you killed somebody. Let's both of us Read more

Sep 16 2016

Yeah, I was going to say, I live in Manhattan, and I am nooott rich. I do ok, but I was living here on 30k a year at one point. Places like Inwood, Wash. Heights, East Harlem, even pockets still of the far east village or lower east side are just not what people imagine when they think of Manhattan (but I get why the Read more

Sep 5 2016

Those people who fought and died for you and her (and all of use) actually fought and died to protect her freedom to do what she just did. She didn’t disrespect the flag by anymeans. What DOES disrespect the flag is to hide behind jingoistic claims of patriotism whilst criticizing others for expercising their first Read more

Sep 4 2016

Good ol’ Toeless Scientist Barbie

Aug 26 2016

Is there a TV on the bottom so all the people below it can see something besides the bottom of a floating stage? Read more

Aug 23 2016

It’s great! The fucknut upstairs finally stopped making noise so that helped a bunch. It’s such a good value, but I can’t stay forever because eventually Tate will need a proper room of his own. Read more

Aug 23 2016

I need to make a public Twitter account just so I can hate on brands.

Aug 22 2016

Are you sure the right’s behavior is what you want to use as your benchmark for deciding how to act? Read more

Aug 21 2016

There is at least one known mutation that causes an increased level of hemoglobin in the blood. People who possess this mutation are much more effective at sending oxygen to their muscles than people who don’t. This makes them excellent at sports demanding continued, unending or extreme exertion. Read more

Aug 21 2016

There are many LGB supporters and, indeed, many LGB people themselves who are transphobic. Being supportive of some parts of the queer community does not inherently mean one isn’t transphobic as, I’d argue, Midler’s tweet above shows.

Aug 9 2016

I think the issue is once you’ve had one you can’t get rid of them...

Aug 8 2016

I love their phone pretend phone conversations. And then you try to actually get them to talk to the grandparent on the phone and suddenly they're super shy.