May 21 2016
Food Question!

Ok, folks, I need some suggestions! I have a little slab of Iberico bacon. (Iberico pork comes from a specific breed

Sep 29 2015
Home Brewing?

I believe there are a few people here who are into home brewing, and I am wondering if anyone can offer advice? I am

Aug 12 2015

This whole situation isn’t my business and I realize that someone on the outside never knows the whole story of what

Aug 6 2015
Plant question

I know there are some folks here with green thumbs, so I thought someone might be able to tell me what this plant

Jul 7 2015

It seems like lots of us are job searching right now...maybe someone can offer advice about this scenario?

Jun 28 2015

...putting a pork shoulder in the oven. This better be the best pulled pork I’ve ever tasted.

Jun 26 2015

I passed a woman on the street wearing a t-shirt that was like one of those “I [heart] New York” shirts, but instead

Jun 12 2015

Like many people who live in overpriced, overcrowded cities, I am kind of obsessed with real estate. Our place is

Jun 7 2015

BellaDella recently requested a recipe exchange post for help getting out of a cooking rut. I need some recipe help,

May 14 2015

Is anybody willing to offer advice to a fashion-challenged person? I am going to a wedding on Saturday night (at a

Apr 22 2015

My husband and I had a big fight this morning and I just don’t know if I am right to be asking more of him. I could

Apr 12 2015

I got my nail polish subscription box (Square Hue) yesterday and need to express someplace how excited about it I

Apr 2 2015

Well this is interesting. I have two sons and I'm sad to say that, as things stand now, we won't be allowing them to

Apr 2 2015
Dog smile!

So nice to see after a long, cold winter. Today's our first really nice day (sunny, low 60s) and he's been outside

Mar 31 2015
Farm animal treadmill

I'm binge-watching Antiques Roadshow and after many hours of marvelling at things like Tiffany glass lampshades, a

Mar 17 2015

(Spacer image so a huge close-up of my hair isn't staring everyone in the face.)