Sep 14

It's funny, I disagree pretty much completely.  But then, we just a bought a Palisade that I think looks reasonably good, and I know that's a polarizing design too.

Sep 10

Do you consider the ads “content blocks”? Can you rearrange them the hell off the page?

Sep 10

you may have noticed some of our sister sites have been given a similar treatment over the last few months Read more

Sep 10

Those interior images are not renders. They may be retouched to make the colors pop and the background look interesting, but I sat in the exact car that they used for the photos.

Sep 9

Holy hell, that’s out of control lately. I swear some people make that decision based purely on the paint color.

Sep 9

And the played out “looks like an Accord/Camry/Fusion/Altima” with the side profile shot just because it has a trunk and 4 doors.

Sep 9

I think this looks great, but I’m just here waiting for all the comments about how this car is hideous.

Sep 8

Hey, this is America. We can be stupid in LOTS of different ways at the same time!

Sep 8

Couldn’t this also be an indictment on the stupid cost of medicine in the US?  I mean the people that went to Sturgis deserve every bit of illness and vitriol they have coming, but $46,000 per case?  The whole thing is stupid, from beginning to end.

Sep 5

The fact the Miata/BRZ/etc crowd demolishes more expensive muscle cars these people keep bringing to autocross events never stops being satisfying. Guy around here has a GT86 that’s in the dealer-only options class, annihilated some guy in a Shelby Mustang and his friend in a C7 that thought they came for easy Read more

Aug 28

Jeep: You don’t even know how much it cost to design and manufacture this thing. And you don’t know how much people are willing to pay for it. Read more

Aug 18

Race, and racism - explicit and hidden - is a part of everything. Including automotive culture. If you can’t see that, or don’t want to believe that, you’re a part of the problem

Aug 16

So you’re saying the front fell off, and now they’re going to tow it outside the environment? Read more

Aug 15

Wait until you see what you can do in a rental Altima.

Aug 6

Here come all the “never buy new, only buy used’ comments. It is like people think buying a new car is worse than killing your own children with your bare hands. Cheap new cars can be better than expensive used cars for SOME people.

Jul 30

I have trypophobia but for some reason this isn’t triggering it.  It’s usually anything regarding tiny holes in skin ewww

Jul 19

If only all of our lives could be as uninteresting as yours.