9/18/18 8:53AM

This is going to get to him bigly.  She could have written that his presidency is the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11.  She could have written that his wife is hideous looking and braindead.  She could have written that he is a grade-A asshole and dumber than a nutless squirrel.  She could have called his Read more

9/16/18 5:14PM

A head shot during a slide versus a routine (actually very soft) hit on a QB throwing the ball. Definition of a false equivalency. Read more

9/14/18 7:29PM

I have no idea what or who you’re talking about. This is the longest, vaguest post I’ve ever seen on Kinja. Well done!

9/13/18 9:56AM

And this thoughtless, vile cruelty is a big part of his brand and why a large portion of this nation likes him. Read more

9/12/18 10:21AM

Say what you will about the movies, Cavill was a good Superman given what he had to work with.

9/12/18 1:21AM

They only thing ripped about them would be their new assholes.

9/12/18 12:37AM

I thought it was stupid when Uwe Boll started challenging his detractors to fights, but I wouldn’t mind Ray Park doing the same thing to his. I’d pay to watch that shit.

9/11/18 5:16PM

I don’t know about any of that. She’s just a bad actor.

9/11/18 3:43PM

I keep coming to movie reviews that involve Munn waiting to see justification as to why she keeps getting gigs. I have nothing against her other than I don’t think she is very talented. 

9/11/18 12:22PM

Having the uncoolest of uncool people publicly destroy your merchandise is genius level marketing akin to getting a PMRC “PARENTAL ADVISORY” sticker slapped on your group’s record in the late 80s/early 90s.

9/11/18 10:18AM

Why anyone from Oakland would show up to these games is a mystery to me. Jesus, show some backbone.

9/10/18 3:13PM

I know this is a weird and unpopular concept for the people of this site, but most cops are just commoners who want to help their community. Definitely take a minute to breathe and compose yourself before responding.

9/08/18 7:32PM

Can we please stop with the Serena worship? She’s a titan of tennis, a superb athlete, but she’s not without flaws, without her faults. She’s petulant, and this isn’t the first or worst instance of abusing an official in her career. Read more