9/07/18 8:52AM

That guy was also a Div I goaltender, not just some schlub off the street who doesn’t know the game.

8/27/18 7:13AM

To be fair, the console wars have existed since for at least the last 3 decades. The book Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation by Blake Harris is a great written history of the competition between Sega and Nintendo from the late 80s to mid-90s.

8/20/18 8:02PM

They’re not counting on him to carry the ball 20 times a game, you fucking dolt.

8/15/18 9:26AM

You’re really Magary doing a bit of self-trolling, aren’t you? No one can be this much of a loon about a sports team.

8/12/18 6:09PM

My dad drank his cheap beer (Busch) this way all his life and absolutely swore by it. I thought he was the only one LOL.

8/01/18 7:18PM

Hey, whatever it takes for that kid to finally get his two dollars!

7/23/18 7:40PM

There are no educated Trump voters. There are only sociopaths with Dunning-Kruger that happen to vote Republican.

6/18/18 4:08PM

Welp, if they’re going to lowball Trotz, I guess Carlson’s as good as out the door too.

6/13/18 4:26PM

My only hope here is that there isn’t an excess of platform jumping given that you can’t walk around in third-person.

6/09/18 1:48AM

Probably the most anticlimactic title win since the 49ers beat San Diego in SB 29.

5/28/18 11:43PM

What in the actual fuck do you mean MAYBE a cross check on the Reaves goal? That was blatant.

5/08/18 12:48AM

The Caps trading Forberg away for Martin Erat is going to end up being one of the most one-sided deals in league history.
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5/04/18 1:39PM

Anyone who uses “Um...” in written speech needs to get laid in the worst kind of way.

5/02/18 7:15AM

Yes, Tom Wilson should be punished for the physics of being bigger and stronger than most players working in his favor yet again. Jesus Christ...

5/02/18 7:10AM

I’m ecstatic that Tom Wilson is taking up so much space in the heads of the Pens and their fans.

5/02/18 7:09AM

Yeah, because Crosby was the first player to ever score that way.