May 21 2016

Practical advice with schoolwork: timers. The overwhelmingness of EVERYTHING can drain your energy like an evil ray gun wielded by a mad scientist, so counter it with breakdown into bite size pieces. Read more

May 21 2016

+1 to drugs if you need them. I have an emergency xanax prescription for panic/stress attacks.

May 21 2016

I take a small dose of Klonopin daily for temporal lobe seizures (one of its few long-term applications) and can attest that it’s true, you get accustomed to the mild sleepy-making effect quickly. Ativan is also excellent for short-term anxiety/panic treatment, but fogginess with that one is greater IMO.

May 21 2016

No, but it does make you sleepy, but not foggy. But your body adjusts to that really quickly, and within a week it wont make you sleepy anymore, and also you can start by cutting the pills in half and working your way up in dosage pretty fast.

May 21 2016

My only suggestion is to deal with it the way I was taught to deal with my trauma — embody the distress and bad feelings as some kind of creature (if you have time, making a drawing would help,) and in your mind, just put it on a leash and take it everywhere with you on the leash. When you start to panic or feel Read more

May 21 2016

Schedule everything into smaller steps. If one of your goals is to write a 20 page paper in 2 weeks make a to do list to write 2 pages which leaves you with room to edit and chill. I set daily goals and when I complete each goal I give myself a break. During that break I can do whatever I want: watch Netflix, take a Read more

May 21 2016

Go to the doctor/ and or psychiatrist pronto and get honest and ask or a bottle of Klonopin. Unlike long-term drugs—it is meant for short term use and does not take months like some other meds do to start working. One pill twice a day hits your system in 15 minute and makes all the difference for functioning under Read more

May 6 2016

Her nude or semi nude photos have nothing to do with Trump or this election cycle. Don't be gross.

Apr 26 2016

The primary defect of The Red Pill is that most of the people who control where that dialogue goes have been evolutionarily deselected by women for not being interesting, attractive, empathic, masculine, kind, thoughtful, or successful. And they’re bitter as hell about it but instead of asking themselves “am I someone Read more

Apr 20 2016

Even literally naming the child Grandpa is a better idea.

Feb 16 2016

Nah. I used to be one and I know more than a few past and current residents. Another swing and a miss. Read more

Feb 8 2016

I feel like that person is a dog trapped in a human body. Very sad.

Feb 6 2016

Oh why not. Before and after. I liked the long hair but feel more myself with it short. She left it a bit longer so it could pick up some curl if I want it to!

Jan 25 2016

I imagine there’s another word just to the left that makes that banner make more sense, but I kinda like right now that they seem to be protesting the fact that abortions can be uncomfortable.

Jan 22 2016

Dude. That’s some fucked up reasoning right there. What she does on film has no bearing on what she consents to in real life. And you absolutely don’t have the right to do anything to a sex worker that she doesn’t want you to do (that’s rape, apparently you need that point it clarified).

Dec 8 2015

I don’t know, I feel like when people use “adulting” they’re acknowledging the fact that they’re incompetent adults and they’re doing the bare minimum. I always see it as making fun of themselves (myself included), not thinking they actually deserve a prize.