Mar 2 2017

We saw him in a smaller venue like 6 years ago now, and Janelle Monae opened for him. I think the only person who can make Bruno Mars look like he’s phoning it in is Janelle Monae. It was so f’ing good.

Feb 15 2017

I read this morning that WaPo is hiring 60 more journalists! As soon as I get paid next week I’m subscribing to help support their efforts.

Nov 4 2016

Yeah, seriously. I get it, you’re creating a character, and that character would have women around like this, and that character would be very focused on their asses. But fuckin’ Bruno, you ain’t at the start of your career—you could opt to treat women respectfully (and sexily) in your videos, and we would all think Read more

May 6 2015

My ideal crying room would have some nice, soft pillows to scream into, a selection of white wines, and a DVD copy of Beaches.

Apr 19 2015

Thanks, but I’m just about done taking political advice from dead white guys.

Apr 9 2015

See? Men are just TOO emotional to be president. What if he gets into a spiteful bad mood and launches nukes or something? Men have such delicate feelings and just can’t control them, the poor dears.

Mar 31 2015

Yup, sure did. I had a dress that I only had tried on once in the store before the big day. Two weeks before, went bra/spanx shopping with mom. We glance at slips. "Do you need a slip?" "I'unno." (I don't do dresses normally. I'm a web developer and pretty much rock the T-shirt/jeans developer look.)

So yes, I put this

Mar 16 2015

Generic, anecdotal, subtly shaming side eye comment that's not self aware enough to realize what the implications of itself are.

Mar 12 2015

slipping and gliding over smooth conversational rocks, I silently nod in assent over my agreement with your willowy commentary. leave rustle, a subtle whisper. what's that? a gif silently dancing for no one.

Mar 11 2015

And, ya know, neuroplasticity - you learn things faster when you're a kid. Doesn't mean you CAN'T learn things as an adult, it just takes longer.

Mar 8 2015

After reading the MC article, all I can think of is Dong from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt screaming "YOUR EXPERIENCES ARE NOT UNIVERSAL!!" at the snooty rich guy.

Mar 6 2015

Evolutionary psychology is one big hypothesis without any empirical evidence to back it up. It's a thought experiment, not a hard science. There is no way to prove through experiment or data analysisthat the cause of a particular observed behavior is rooted in evolutionary needs. For one thing, very very very few Read more

Mar 6 2015

The best smokescreen for gossip that Southerners (especially Southern Baptists) have come up with is the prayer request. Read more