Mar 2 2017

My dad is OBSESSED with Bruno Mars. He told us that the only thing he would accept as a Christmas present was Bruno Mars tickets. He got Bruno Mars tickets.

Nov 4 2016

And you do, because he’s so shameless and convinced that there’s nothing in the world worth being that sad about. Read more

Mar 28 2016

I realize that Roy Cooper, as the AG, kind of has to be named in this lawsuit. But it’s really interesting because he already made a very clear statement against this bill. So does he now have to support it in court because it’s the law? Someone with a legal mind please explain this to me.

Oct 7 2015

Yeah. I worked in an autism research lab for several years, and we had families who participated in our studies who, after their first developed autism, decided not to vaccinated subsequent kids only to have unvaccinated kids also develop autism.

Oct 3 2015

Collective bargaining is illegal in much of the southern United States. We have what are called “Right to Work” laws, which is a hilarious name since it basically means that they can fire you for any reason, you have no protections, and unions are illegal.

Mar 25 2015

The Chancellor just sent out a really interesting letter to the entire NCSU community. Apparently Pi Kappa Phi has been "disassociated." Plus, they claim that they're doing a full review of the entire Greek community and their "behavioral standards." And then, of course, there's a statement about how this behavior Read more

Mar 8 2015

I legitimately have all but one of these things. I'll never tell which one.

Mar 6 2015

Those of us who believe evolutionary psych is bullshit do not believe that psychology "magically appeared." I'm a psychologist. I believe in evolution. I also believe in social construction. I do not think evolutionary psych is a science. Sciences test their hypotheses empirically. Evolutionary psych takes examples Read more

Mar 6 2015

Now he's SCREAMING at me. Singing? Or angry that the cat music stopped?

Mar 6 2015

My cat crossed AN ENTIRE ROOM to figure out what the hell was going on with "Spooks Ditty" That's basically cat dancing.

Mar 2 2015

Oh yeah. I get that, too. I've been telling people since I was 18 that I didn't want to have kids. And the answer has always been "Oh, you'll change your mind one day." or "Just wait until your biological clock kicks in." Both of which assume that I am unable to reflect on my own beliefs, desires, and capabilities and

Mar 2 2015

That line is SO PATRONIZING. Do they not realize? Like, you really think that I don't have the metacognitive abilities to understand my own beliefs? GTFO.

Feb 26 2015

Get it! I got the old one when I was 26 because that's when it came out.