Soup R Crackers
May 3 2014

Jesus H. Chris, pluquaa. I'm just trying to decide if you were drunk when you left this comment or not drunk enough.

Mar 19 2014

I can set my watch to this. Unfortunately, you failed to address any of my arguments. Everything I said is true. Read more

Jan 28 2014

I know I am really supposed to ignore the MRA trolls, but I am feeling sassy and I can't resist.

Jan 27 2014

Fuck this. Fuck all of these posts. Fuck them all. Really, Jezebel? How many fucking posts do we need today about how Macklemore shouldn't have won, how KL is the shit and should have won, and how Macklemore only won because he is white? Read more

Jan 26 2014

When my husband pulls his shirt off at night, I still get a bit weak in the knees, even after almost 6 years together. He would say he's a bit fatty and far removed from a movie star six pack, but I think he's perfect.

Jan 24 2014

NO! I have told my husband that if he EVER does something this stupid 1) he better keep his shit wrapped up tight and 2) I better NEVER find out. I would be too hurt and upset by it. And I might murder both of them. Not kidding.

Jan 24 2014

Can we make it clear that the husband in Love Actually is CHIWETEL EJIOFOR?! Why would you ever think about leaving him?

Jan 24 2014

you could rock the lauren. i part my hair to the side and let it air dry. blunt cut because i have like 4 hairs, and the bleach has killed off some of my front length giving me variation. a bit below shoulder length.

Jan 23 2014

I would like to talk for a minute about falling. For those of you who have been following along at home, I've been

Jan 23 2014

That's about 4 inches taller than I thought he was! I mentally picture him as some kind of a woodsprite on Rumspringa.

Jan 23 2014

I've read through the comments on this thread and so I'm going to quickly summarize. I don't know your ethnic background, but your position on this sounds like you're coming from a position of privilege in this matter where you can choose whether or not you can keep your name. As a couple of women down thread pointed Read more

Jan 23 2014

That's a nefarious looking dolphin. Doesn't this otter also look like a TOTAL CREEPER too?