The Amazing Sneijderman

Assistant: Yeah, coach, he’s going to New York to join those two towers they’ve got. Read more

Ump: Inside corner, strike three! You’re out! Read more

Currie: Down here, we have this joke. It goes, ‘hey, you must be from Knoxville, because you’re the only ten I see!’ Read more

I’d have figured he was more of a bourbon guy. Read more

INBOX: [SPAM] Re: re: re: re: Greetings from Nigeria! Read more

Damn, it really sucks that second place broke the record by 59 minutes and 55 seconds and got jack shit. Read more

This sick fuck doesn’t deserve to be locked behind parallel bars. Read more

Hey Aubrey, if the earth is only 6,000 years old, then how do you explain the existence of Jamie Moyer? Read more

Barbaro: At least this colt only got cut when he got hurt. Read more

It’s crazy how much tennis has changed in the last few years. Back then, even Caroline Wozniacki could avoid being subjected to an awkward, humiliating, on-stage ritual. Read more

Anyone could have seen this coming. He’s being directed by a Snyder. Read more

I thought Greg left to go work for the New York Post or something. Read more

What if I told you...that Messi wasn’t the greatest. That the man with the magic feet...was a step too slow. That winning the Champions League...was not enough to make up the league in class between them. Read more

You’re just being ignorant, Samer. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to pour one out for your fallen homies. Read more

Not a huge surprise they settled. Cases like this only go to trial once in a black and blue moon. Read more

Ah, sorry to hear you guys got laid off. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Read more

On the flip side, Greg Norman got roughly 18 seconds with his last drives. Read more

This is just like when USC made Reggie Bush take a rent-free apartment, car, summer home, meal money, private jet, mansion on the coast, Starbucks gift card, and a free pass from all his classes. Read more

Well if a guy with a fucked up hand can start a 40 without falling on his face, then I imagine anyone could. Read more

I’m sorry, how can we know for sure that Beijing has already “won” the 2022 Games? Their aerial skiers haven’t even been born yet! Read more