Jul 26 2015

But put those innactions on a scale and weigh them against his achievements: He saved the economy, he literally liberated an entire segment of society (acceptance of gays and legalized gay marriage nation-wide), he put into place healthcare reforms that brought health care to millions who didn’t have it, and lowered Read more

Jul 20 2015

So... she has one her trainers teach North basic, age appropriate exercises twice a week? BURN THE WITCH! I can’t see a reason to snark about this. I think there’s nothing wrong with giving young kids a good groundwork for health and fitness. It would be one thing if he was putting a two year old through ridiculous Read more

Jul 1 2015

That shit arrived in the Philly area at around 2:30am. It was the loudest storm I ever heard. Thought something in my side yard blew up!

Jul 1 2015

Okay, I live in DC. Last night was BANANAS. I was awoken around 1:00 am last night by the most terrifying lightning storm I’ve ever experienced. The sky was light orange, and there were flashes of purple-white lighting, brighter and more frequent than I’ve ever seen—I’m talking multiple times a second, and bright Read more

Mar 13 2015

I am so glad you're there for them. I went to a women's college undergrad and two co-ed grad schools too. The difference was astounding, and it was both the teachers and the students. In the first grad school, classes were small, and after feeling frustrated, but not sure why, I finally sat back one day and took Read more

Mar 13 2015

I think one of the points of this piece was that they're not turning from their original missions — they're changing and evolving to stay true to that while still remaining relevant in the 21st century. Read more

Mar 13 2015

As a recent (past 5 years) Sweet Briar graduate I thought I'd address the "well it's rural so no wonder nobody wanted to attend" argument. As a small school located on 2,225 acres of mostly undeveloped land, it definitely isn't the right place for everyone. However, for our large percentage of equestrian students it Read more

Mar 13 2015

But there are other schools in the Lynchburg area. I heavily considered Randolph Macon Women's College, which is coed now I believe. And I attended Hollins University (in Roanoke) for grad school. Undergrad at Hollins is all women, but the grad programs are coed. For my undergrad I attended a very small coed liberal Read more

Mar 13 2015

I cannot stress enough how much I benefited from my experiences at Scripps. It's part of a large consortium (in fact, the founder Ellen Browning Scripps bought to land so a future consortium could be built around it and Pomona College.) This created the opportunity to have opportunities that wouldn't normally be Read more

Mar 13 2015

As the graduate of a women's liberal arts college, I firmly believe that in this career-prep-obsessed world, the college experience still matters. There is value in studying a wide berth of topics from science and math to French and philosophy, regardless of your major. There is value in small class sizes and a Read more

Mar 4 2015

This is terrible! I went to Mary Baldwin College (another all-women's uni) and our fencing team (the fighting squirrels) used to rag on their team (the vixens) because they wore pink knee socks. But it's awful to see them close. My feminist awakening was the direct result of being in a safe learning environment where Read more

Feb 28 2015

Every time I see a photo of Kelly Osbourne I think of Mrs. Slocum from Are You Being Served? (which may well still be running on PBS). Invariably, though, I end up reminding myself that that's not very charitable. To Mrs. Slocum.

Feb 20 2015

I was a really high strung kid and had a lot of weird, macabre phobias, like I went through a phase where I was convinced the house was going to burn down and I would refuse to go to sleep because I didn't want to die in a fire, and watched some stupid horror movie about monsters in the sewer system one time so I got Read more

Feb 13 2015

This isn't absurd, exactly, but when I graduated from college and moved across the country, I was sick of looking for jobs in my field. I just wanted to write fiction. So I got the first crap job I could find—as a cleaning lady. My parents—neither of whom went to college—just didn't understand the job market in 2009, Read more