6:29 PM

I have not made this change. Graphic arts still pays the bills. But I kind of wish I had a job that meant more to me, so I say follow your bliss. I live with a lady who had a career in the arts and at some point in her 30s said fuck it, I want to work in health care. And she threw her past into the “useful for later” Read more

4:44 PM

But put those innactions on a scale and weigh them against his achievements: He saved the economy, he literally liberated an entire segment of society (acceptance of gays and legalized gay marriage nation-wide), he put into place healthcare reforms that brought health care to millions who didn’t have it, and lowered Read more

9:53 AM

So... she has one her trainers teach North basic, age appropriate exercises twice a week? BURN THE WITCH! I can’t see a reason to snark about this. I think there’s nothing wrong with giving young kids a good groundwork for health and fitness. It would be one thing if he was putting a two year old through ridiculous Read more

3:57 PM

Seconding the Tattered Cover— I loved that place when I was a kid (though I haven’t been to the new locations)— and the Pearl Street Mall.

12:25 PM

That shit arrived in the Philly area at around 2:30am. It was the loudest storm I ever heard. Thought something in my side yard blew up!

11:30 AM

Okay, I live in DC. Last night was BANANAS. I was awoken around 1:00 am last night by the most terrifying lightning storm I’ve ever experienced. The sky was light orange, and there were flashes of purple-white lighting, brighter and more frequent than I’ve ever seen—I’m talking multiple times a second, and bright Read more

9:45 PM

I honestly could not speculate on Tsipras’ popularity. I would not want to put words in the Greek’s mouths. Read more

7:50 PM

WELP I made the mistake of reading all the other responses first. So yeah, in case it isn't obvious, my answer is a big fat NOPE. But, in my case, my sex drive basically evaporated when my depression started, and never really came back. So, part of the problem is that I don't really care that there's a problem?