1:20 PM

I am of no help whatsoever, but just wanted to say, we’re finally buying a place and am looking forward to plastering my daughter’s room with your work! :)

10:24 PM

Garden of the Gods is at the north end of Colorado Springs—if you have a car, great; otherwise, take a bus from Union Station (Denver). The area around Denver’s Union Station is pretty nice—the station itself is now a hotel and shops/restaurants. And! And! No one has mentioned the Tattered Cover yet! Great indie Read more

1:06 PM

I don’t know if it was the same storm, but whatever rolled into NYC at around 4:30 this morning was also crazy—lightning all over, and a downpour that made it impossible to see buildings across the street.

1:09 PM

Can you talk about popular opinion on Tsipras’s call for a referendum? Do most Greeks still support him? The referendum is very likely to vote no on creditors’ demands, right? What then? Thanks for a very helpful overview. Der Spiegel also has some interesting pieces on the story.

9:18 PM

No. Maybe when our kid (currently 2 1/2) goes off to summer camp ( about nine years). But my total lack of interest is mainly due to depression, which killed my sex drive. Read more

9:07 PM

This is crushing. I fell in love with everything on the ground floor when we first moved here, and then (two years later) fell in love harder with everything in the basement. Thanks for this post, and for the newer one with the two links. Read more

10:02 PM

Subtle, polite redirecting may be your best bet, early on—that is, if you feel they're being maternal at all. I belong to a women's mystery-writers group, and am much younger than the rest of the crowd. It was a little strange at first, but now they know I'm another sixty-year-old in the body of a Read more

9:09 PM

My husband (Czech) celebrated Mikuláš as a kid, and this is the first year our two-year-old will get in on the action. :) Of course, because I suck as a parent (and because I was preoccupied with planning our kid's birthday party), I forgot to buy chocolate today, so Mikuláš is either bringing a sad box of raisins, Read more

7:05 PM

I can't help with the early contractions part, but if it's any consolation, I was having contractions in a taxi near Columbus Circle at 9 am and managed to make it to a hospital downtown (near the LES/Chinatown) in about 25 minutes. Longest 25 minutes of my life, but yeah. TinyS was born shortly after noon. Short, Read more

10:18 PM

I slept on our foldout Ikea sofa a lot, this summer, because it was too hot in our bedroom, and it was surprisingly comfortable. The mattress isn't as soft as a bed mattress, but it could really work, depending on what your taste is in mattress softness (and whether you love/hate Ikea). It's really easy to unfold, Read more

8:17 PM

I'm so sorry. :( Loss of a living being, and part of your family, is loss—whether they walk on two feet, or on four. It's not silly at all to miss them.

9:26 PM

You can also get them at Dean and Deluca, if you're near New York (same painful price, though, if not worse).

9:10 PM

I didn't make it to the end of that review's first sentence before my editorial bullshit meter went off.