8/12/20 6:03AM

As my ‘people’ are from CO, I never understood but Aurora seems to be the ‘Florida’ of CO.

7/22/20 6:01AM

Some people can’t have multiple cars. Some people take on vacation a year and choose for that to be spent overlanding. The same rigs you see out on the toughest trails still go to work during the week and stop at the mall for pants. You track your sports car 90% of the time? You bitch that people drive around in their Read more

7/20/20 12:18PM

My neighbor across the street has a hood, fender and door laying against his fence right now, and a few wheels/tires up against the side of the garage. There’s no fender or hood on his El Camino. It’s currently just got a tarp draped over it, with bricks holding it down. But here’s the thing. He’s making a TON of Read more

7/18/20 2:14PM

Wow - dunno how many friends I’ll win over with this thought, but if I were your neighbor, I’d have reported you to the city too. Read more

7/14/20 1:58PM

Don’t leave us hanging! Did he eat the sand? How was the sand? HOW MANY STARS WAS THE SAND?!!!

7/14/20 12:18AM

Optional Ford Murder Hole™ design allows you to defend yourself and pour hot oil on Priuses from the safety of American built freedom!

7/13/20 10:32PM

You want to point to someone who appreciates great car design, it’s me. And I can’t help thinking that the Ford suits gave the stylists and engineers these marching orders: Read more

7/11/20 1:56PM

And once again, the internet ignores the expert and makes its own opinion. Read more

7/10/20 2:27PM

We lost a lot when we lost the walking a beat cop. I remember on Sesame Street when I was a kid, there was a friendly neighborhood cop. And, while Sesame Street probably sugarcoated that a bit (it was for small children, after all) it’s pretty likely a lot of those cops knew their neighborhoods and the people in them Read more