6/08/21 5:06PM

If you have the money and a suitable candidate for scanning, yes. There’s an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where they talk about doing this very thing for some parts for one of his cars.

5/25/21 8:59AM

I’d have to think that Ford did their homework on the wheel/tire size. Range anxiety has to be the single biggest obstacle to overcome with consumers. As such they’d be highly invested in eeking out every little bit of range they can. Wheels/tires and weight are the low hanging fruit.

5/24/21 10:13AM

Spiral flute taps are designed to eject chips upward rather than downward. They are however more fragile than other taps so great care is necessary in their manual use.  They’re also not commonly found outside of machining supply places. You won’t find one at Ace or Autozone. 

10/27/20 3:21PM

but at some point you really should consider a proper minibus, preferably with dual rear wheels.” Read more

10/27/20 2:15PM

“None of it is as crappy as it should be” sums it up perfectly.

10/26/20 12:30PM

I use mine all the time. I’m not one to put my keys in my pocket and carry them around while I’m at home, but there are plenty of times when I need to get into my locked car. I don’t have to go inside, take my shoes off, walk upstairs to get my keys, put my shoes back on... No, I simply walk up to the car, enter the Read more

10/14/20 1:35PM

There was the time when I was waiting for the oil to drain and decided to make use of the wasted time by checking the timing. Only AFTER I started the car and saw the oil pressure light on did I realize what a moron I was.

9/04/20 8:56AM

Yeah, I’d be all down with a “nerdy” video more like this one:

8/24/20 12:02PM

My first car was a ‘77 Mercury Monarch - the Granada twin. I got it in 1993-ish for $500 from my grandma. It was no Mercedes.

8/12/20 12:34PM

It never ceases to amaze me how when people see something sketchy on the highway, their first instinct is to film it, and their second is to get CLOSER TO THE SKETCHY. WTF man, if I see that, I’m backing the fuck off and giving the po-po a jingle!

8/12/20 12:30PM

A friend, whose dad was a parts manager at a Saturn dealership, had a pearl colored Saturn with a red leather interior. Like actually the color of a natural pearl, kinda off white and translucently shiny. And red, like RED! He got it for a song and a dance because it’d been on the lot for freaking ever because no one Read more

8/12/20 12:23PM

McLaren F1 had 3 front-ish row buckets with the driver in the middle.

8/07/20 2:01PM

I remember buying a full gasket & seal kit for my Ghia in the late 90's for the grand total of... $7. 

8/07/20 1:58PM

The easiest car to work on ever, period. If you have a flathead screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, and the following combination wrenches; 10mm, 13mm, 17mm; you can do 90% of anything the car will ever need. 

8/07/20 1:42PM

I have a coworker who was showing me pictures of the cornhole boards he made. He bought actual American flags, attached them to plywood by embedding them in epoxy, cut holes in them, and now throws bean bags at them, but in his mind Kapernick is the mosnter!

8/06/20 3:49PM

Personally, I’d look at job markets more than anything. Where are my skills in need. If there are multiple choices, then consider other stuff. Mostly it’s the jobless and spending $40k on a car that sets off alarm bells in my head no matter where one might live.