It's not that people are spending money on this that bothers me - hell, it's your money, do whatever you want with it. What makes me mad is the sheer pretentiousness of this. If you're going to be creative with food, great. Make good, healthy food and put a new twist on it. Piling on layer after layer of extravagant Read more

Okay, I love Chicago as much as the next girl, but Chicago foodies make me SO ANGRY. Read more

Interesting question. I wasn't able to find any papers correlating the two, but if this theory is true it'd make sense that an abnormal lipid profile would affect the incidence of MS. Read more

As a non-native Chicagoan, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I get major sads when anyone comes to visit and immediately wants deep-dish pizza. You can have your tomato-and-cornmeal slop, I'll be elsewhere. Don't even get me STARTED on sausage deep-dish pizza. So, so wrong in so many ways. Read more

Ha! I agree, he'd be an absolute blast to hang out with/be friends with. Read more

So silly. Much dork. Very funny. Read more


Same here. The store I'm currently at has three super cute and friendly Syrian hamsters, and one nippy little bastard that actually hissed at me the other day. Read more

Cute! I wonder how Mars, my betta fish, would do in one of these things. (Probably pretty well, considering that I think he plans world domination on a daily basis if he could only find a way to escape his tank.) Read more

Same here. She's so weirdly beautiful. Read more

Well, I normally hate anything involving emo vampires, but I think Hiddleston as a funny bitchy vampire has sold me on this movie. Read more

Damnit, Pine Needles, what were you thinking?! Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book? I mean, I love The Cumberlord as much as the next girl, but someone explain that shit to me because I...don't get it. Read more

He's so pretty. Although he looks about 15 in these pictures, which makes me feel super creepy. Read more

Following you! (@GirlWhoWaited01) Looking forward to your tweetings. :-) Read more

I've largely stopped watching (Castiel is pretty much the only thing that interests me about the show now), but this just sounds like a rehash of several plot lines they've done before. Including the brother conflict, which is getting really old. They just need to end the show after the next season and let the guys Read more

See, this would make me wake up angry every day. What's the point in smelling delicious bacon when in all probability there is no bacon forthcoming? Read more

Fringe did this once with some stupid Bluetooth-phone-GPS thing in a Ford SUV. It was so obvious it was laughable. Read more