Sep 20 2017

It is remarkable how making oneself as genderless as possible often results in a fervent belief in meritocracy. Why are women held back by their presentation skills if their skills on the job are truly what matter? Read more

Jun 6 2017

From that list, you and my sister sound an awful lot alike. I sincerely wish you the best in navigating these kind of challenges. It is tough. Read more

Jun 5 2017

I have a sibling with severe spine and nerve damage after a car accident years ago. Opiates are one of the few things that work for her. I understand the need for better protocols around prescribing opiates, but watching how my disabled sister has to cross ever higher hurdles to get much needed medication is making me Read more

Jun 2 2017

I too am a big fan of Elon Musk’s vision for how to tackle the big existential problem humanity faces (energy resources, extinction events,  AI) by finding market solutions that incentivize innovation. I appreciate that if we can’t push scientific innovation through government grants and labs due to political Read more

May 14 2017

I would be worried that wearing this a button would make strangers feel like they have the right to ask things that normally require a HIPAA waiver. Read more

May 12 2017

Eh... I am getting ready to hang on the gallows of life threatening pre conditions, along with four of my five immediate family members and this works as gallows humor to me. Your mileage may vary, but I intend to laugh in the face of possible death as often as I can. It helps balance the fear and anger.

Apr 20 2017

“ I would be a hypocrit if I told my kids drugs were evil, but on the other hand I’ve seen how shit can go bad. I think the best anyone can do is teach their kids about being safe, the dangers of drug abuse, and letting them know if they are ever in a jam all they need to do is call and they’d get a ride no questions Read more

Mar 31 2017

I feel you on the friend having babies front and worry about being shut out as the childless couple. It is a shitty cultural narrative that breeding ends up seizing friend gross into the haves and have nots. Read more

Mar 30 2017

I’m cataloging this name away in my mental folder of “The Benedict Cumberbatch Case Files of Ridiculous British-y Names.” Read more

Mar 18 2016

I feel you on the shitty ancestor thing. I have a many-times-great-grandfather who was a slave owner in upstate NY who managed to be jailed by both sides of the Revolutionary War. Also - he was Irish. Read more

Mar 14 2016

I’m going to join the flood of other posters recommending the cup over tampons. Anigan Eva cups are a little cheaper than Diva and Luna cups. When I want sure if I would like the cup, I wanted a lower investment option. Turns out I loved the switch, but I thought if you were on the fence you might be interested in a Read more

Mar 9 2016

I have no words other than to thank you for sharing this part of your life and I hope that you find greater peace with each passing day. Forget what judgement others blindly pass. Even the most difficult of choices can be an expression of love. Read more

Feb 16 2016

Cleopatra must have been charismatic as hell. Contemporary accounts even from her enemies talk about the force of her personality, intelligence and whit even when calling her ugly and a corrupter of good Roman virtue. Read more

Nov 23 2015

Nose rings? Really? I thought the only thing nose rings appropriated was boogers that should have ended up on a tissue but instead are glued permanently to the piercing. This is all news to me.

Nov 20 2015

Your are lucky you got baptized in a lake. My grandmother baptized me in the kitchen sink. Twice, because she wasn’t sure the baptism would stick since my parents were such godless disappointments. But she certainly considered my parents abandoning the church sufficient need to justify her actions. As you so wisely Read more