May 4 2018

If most or all of the characters killed come back in Avengers 4, you know everyone both living and resurrected is going to have some serious PTSD. I can’t wait for the next Avengers after that. Read more

May 1 2018

Ah plot-bending. Arguably the most powerful of all the elements that the Avatar must master. Only with plot-bending can the Avatar save the 4 kingdoms as well as make any comic book related shenanigans work.

Apr 19 2018

He was a pioneer in selling aircraft designs that don’t work to the government and getting away with it.

Mar 24 2018

That’s ridiculous and condescending. I understand my own logic fine. I don’t think the “right” to very loosely regulated access to firearms trumps the right to life, liberty and security of person. (And no, “liberty” doesn’t mean freedom to own weapons, it means freedom from political oppression, slavery, or Read more

Mar 24 2018

I wonder the same thing because my father is the same way. He believes the world is awful, bad, and that’s how it’s supposed to be because your reward is heaven. He’s deeply religious (Atwood’s Gilead levels of religious) and pro-Trump. He adores Pence. I call it the kind of evangelism that is nihilism masquerading as Read more

Feb 23 2018

I would have liked to see the GQ article get into issues of objectification of actors of any gender, and the extent to which they are subject to this kind of power imbalance. As I recall, while at his most successful, Fraser was frustrated by the action hero/hunk image rut he had gotten into - which led to Gods and Read more

Feb 23 2018

I’m still expecting far more men to come forward as victims of sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood. We’re all just told to “suck it up” and have to deal with masculinity bullshit if we do come forward with abuse, sexual or otherwise. 

Feb 23 2018

The Fraser story of having a man grope him is so specific, and told with such squirming discomfort and embarrassment, that it’s kind of hard not to believe. It seems to have had a profound effect on someone who was feeling vulnerable, and that’s a hallmark of assault - the kind we have long expected women to just

Feb 23 2018

The scene in George of the Jungle where George runs with the horses was a very important moment for my early womanhood, so I have always had a soft spot for Brendan Fraser. I also like Bedazzled and Blast from the Past without any irony.

Feb 22 2018

It is because every waking moment of their lives is spent pushing their own agenda. They cannot grasp the concept that sometimes people just let other people be.

Feb 22 2018

My dad used to be pretty homophobic when I was growing up, but as he got older, he mellowed out. He even worked a booth at Twin Cities Pride (his then-girlfriend had an LGBTQ+ friendly business), which led to the infamous phone conversation where I picked up, said “Hi Dad” and he said, “What’s a bear? Like, a gay Read more

Feb 22 2018

An agenda that LGBTQ exist and deserve to be treated with respect and humanity? Read more

Sep 22 2017

My takeaway from this entire article was, holy shit Barron is one very tall 11 year old.