I am very excited to follow this one, even more than the rest. Good luck on your trip home, you’re going to need it!

This is my LS400. It’s a 1990 with 250,000 miles, and it suffers from a lot of old car issues. A starter on the brink of failure, completely rubbish suspension bits, and a power steering leak. Would I trade it?

The opposite side of having HOAs is having David Tracy as your neighbor.

Raph. This was easily one of the best jalopnik articles of this year. Awesome work. Read more

He also had some amazing stories about the difference in work cultures going from bmw to mazda that I might be able to cram into another blog somewhere.

That car strictly had appeal to people who have Tweety Bird tattoos and a meth habit.

I love this post. It’s so true - immaculate boring cars from the 80s always catch my eye. When they are clean, you really appreciate the design elements that we don’t get to have anymore - low beltlines, pointy noses, large greenhouses and teeny tiny A-pillars. Even the most mundane looking cars start to look special Read more

In all seriousness.....I want one of these as a cruiser. Am I crazy? I’m crazy I think.

This President’s Day, indulge in the true luxury of the Lincoln Mark VIII, just like the man who invented it—Abraham Lincoln. 

Bless. You’re a hero for saving an Aurora, especially one that’s overseas! That’s a fantastic color for the car too.
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Man that’s so cool. Just a change of wheels to something simple and its a pretty car. You should update us all on it once its back up.

There are a few of us Aurora drivers still around. I’m crazy enough to actually have two of them, a first and second generation Final 500 edition. A 97 aurora was my first car, got it when I was 16, and still have it. My dream is to rebuild and mod my 97 into a VIP build: rebuild the motor, air bags, wheels, and

I just saw an aurora (quite rare) yesterday, and I was thinking the same thing! If I wanted a 90's American sedan, it would have to be that.

Good call - I don’t care what anyone else says; these LH cars were quite stylish

I’ve got a big soft-spot for Malaise-era American luxury cars, but those are slowly starting to be regarded as classics in some circles, so I think that disqualifies them from being “boring.”

I find myself searching the Boca Raton CL for low mileage Lincoln Town Cars from time to time.

Thank you for this. I’ve waxed poetic about the Oldsmobile Aurora on Kinja many times before. Glad to see that one of the most interesting 90s GM products is getting the attention and respect it deserves. I get equally excited every time I see an Aurora on the road, and I think they’ll develop some odd collector