Dec 2

I am very excited to follow this one, even more than the rest. Good luck on your trip home, you’re going to need it!

Aug 4

This is my LS400. It’s a 1990 with 250,000 miles, and it suffers from a lot of old car issues. A starter on the brink of failure, completely rubbish suspension bits, and a power steering leak. Would I trade it?

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Feb 26 2019

The opposite side of having HOAs is having David Tracy as your neighbor.

Dec 20 2018

He also had some amazing stories about the difference in work cultures going from bmw to mazda that I might be able to cram into another blog somewhere.

Sep 14 2018

That car strictly had appeal to people who have Tweety Bird tattoos and a meth habit.

Aug 20 2018

I love this post. It’s so true - immaculate boring cars from the 80s always catch my eye. When they are clean, you really appreciate the design elements that we don’t get to have anymore - low beltlines, pointy noses, large greenhouses and teeny tiny A-pillars. Even the most mundane looking cars start to look special Read more

May 18 2018

One day I will import three of my favorite 90s GM cars, a first and second gen Aurora and a 8th gen Riviera.

May 18 2018

You understate how advanced the aurora styling was at the time. The buick riviera and aurora looked like this in 1995:

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May 17 2018

Those OG Auroras were truly one of the great underappreciated gems.

Feb 19 2018

In all seriousness.....I want one of these as a cruiser. Am I crazy? I’m crazy I think.

Feb 19 2018

This President’s Day, indulge in the true luxury of the Lincoln Mark VIII, just like the man who invented it—Abraham Lincoln. 

Nov 13 2017

Bless. You’re a hero for saving an Aurora, especially one that’s overseas! That’s a fantastic color for the car too.
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