4:52 PM

As a German that whole Speed-limit on the Autobahn discussion pisses me off to no end. Media is largely biased towards pro-limit because they don’t see a single reason why Germany should be the only country without speed limits on large sections of its highway network. That German Autobahns are some of the very safest Read more

9:02 AM

Its actually not too horribly bad. As you probably know, make a priority list and focus on the important and cheap/quick fixes first, those alone will already make a huge difference. Try finding a parts car in the junkyard/on facebook that provides as many parts as possible at the same time to make a good deal on Read more

3:53 PM

Btw I’ve spotted this MINT V8 4x4 Laredo in the Palma de Malloca airport carpark (on German plates naturally). That one really made me consider things...

3:45 PM

I fully approve of this David. I love seeing rare versions of otherwise (to many) unremarkable cars getting saved and given a fresh lease on life. You better film the whole collection mission, it would make for some great entertainment (even if you make it all the way back without issues). But we all know thats not Read more

3:51 PM

Might be related to the Sunderland Nissan factory being nearby, and plenty of people there getting employee discounts on Nissan/Infiniti models.

11:49 AM

I have to admit, this is the first time I hear about Infiniti pulling out of Europe, they’ve never been too successful but I regularly see them on the road here in the UK at least, albeit in crappy diesel form. I’m still holding out for a first gen Q45 that somehow made its way over here...

6:09 PM

These are great cars and definitely worth preserving. I own a ‘92 Celsior C-Spec myself (originally came with air suspension, the previous owner ditched it for conventional coils). They are not indestructible by any means but they do deserve their title as being built as solid as onlyfew other cars. The gauge cluster Read more

4:22 PM

Actually! I’ve got the reward for answering Martin’s strange Quiz questions surprisingly correctly, Alex did win the driving award in the end which makes me wonder where his photo of proof is!

6:34 PM

Basically Kinja being shit and everybody not being bothered to write a post tonight.

6:57 PM

I’m not on here often but I have haha! It only took a few minutes after the release before the link showed up in our europpomeet whatsapp group! You should be able to find my comment somewhere, theres a video of the lap on my channel!

5:14 AM

I couldn’t agree more with this article. It’s the cars that others might ignore that really are the special ones to me. A lot of high-end or “exotic” cars very quickly lose their appeal when I know that I’ll be able to find 5 of them all neatly parked in a row at pretty much every single cars and coffee/car show. Read more

4:34 PM

The Aurora is a fantastic car, definitely still standing out as much as it did back when it was new. For that and the condition alone its a NP from me. I’d stick to the purple color mine has though.

2:10 PM

Yes you should get one. What kind of question is that? ;)

11:45 AM

Yeah I know, its just pointless to invest any money into them unless they are mint condition special editions. They are some of the cheapest cars money can buy, and available in huge numbers.

4:04 PM

Im not sure if its the case for Twingos, but the average condition of a car isnt always the best in Spain if you compare it to Germany or the Netherlands. But I agree, not salt makes a huge difference!

8:18 PM

The first gen Twingo was never sold in the UK. It would be much easier to get one from Germany, France or the Netherlands where the market is flooded with decent, sub-500Euro Twingos.

7:39 AM

I own an E39 and will buy a dirt cheap C5 A6 on Sunday. Fight me

7:38 AM

Thats the wrong engine you have there. There are multiple Audi 4.2 V8, the one in the A6 is a timing belt engine and is fairly robust. Its the 5-speed autos that blow up after 120k miles because they never get serviced.

7:35 AM

I have to say, I really really want that 929. Yes, not as well known as its competitors, but I love the early 90s Mazda styling!