Oct 29

I was never a fan of ghost stories. I don’t go to haunted houses and I don’t watch scary movies. As a kid I was afraid of everything from fireworks to mountains to school buses to the moon. Simply put, I’m a fearful person, but as a writer and someone who is decently sensitive to and interested in people and their Read more

Oct 17

I submitted these stories last year but never got out of the greys so I thought I’d try again. Two ghost experiences. Read more

Oct 17

Okay so I don’t even know how objectively scary this is, but it is very true. Growing up my parents lived in a rural and fairly isolated area. I slept in the basement with my sister, and quickly learned after a couple times yelling for my parents about giant spiders that no one would ever hear me if I screamed. So... Read more

Oct 17

When my nephew Brayden was around the age of three, he had an imaginary friend who suddenly came into his life. Concho, as he called him, would often be a willing character when Brayden played “house,” would follow him to the bathroom, and would sometimes join my sister’s family at the dinner table. Brayden tended to Read more

Oct 16

I’ve never posted before and I don’t think it will make it out of the grays but I am going to try anyway. As background, I dreamed my grandpa on my dad’s side visited me and told me to take care of our family two weeks before he passed. He had been healthy, just aging, and it was kind of a shock. We weren’t able to

Oct 14

In 2017, I rented a house with my then bf. It was super expensive for the area but the landlord was the only one who would accept his absolute garbage credit and extensive history of not paying his bills. The landlord was super nice and had no problem letting us get a second dog (and both my boys are APBTs). Read more

Oct 13

For background, I’ve always believed in ghosts but I didn’t have an experience with them until I lived in a house that was haunted a few years ago. Nothing big ever happened there, I was just always scared to be alone there, I sometimes heard running up the front stairs, I saw a lady dressed in white outside my room, Read more

Oct 12

As a child and a teen, I always had a sense that I would not live past 18 years of age. I hear this is a common phenomenon among young people, but each day since has felt like borrowed time. I’m now in my 40s, and although I’m an atheist and a skeptic, I’ve never been able to shake this sense of impending doom. And I Read more

Oct 8

I grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast, and it was the summer of my senior year of high school in the late 90s. My best friend and I were asked to house sit for some family friends of ours as they drove their son to college back east. They’d be gone for a whole month—jackpot! The family was one of the wealthier Read more

Oct 8

When I was about 22 one of my close friends, T, completed suicide. His housemate found him. None of us knew what he’d been going through. He was the life and soul. It was hard. Read more