And I mean this in all sincerity.

If there’s anyone in the world capable of delivering an objective, nuanced and correct opinion of the role super-heroes play in out current culture it’s Alan Moore, he wrote the book, literally, on it. Read more

*What is* nothing but love for Alex and this contestant. Read more

Well, shit. I guess he’s fired from Twitter now, too.
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This argument sucks, man! George W. Bush isn’t a lost child; he was the president. He saw photos of the torture, from the man who approved of that torture, and then he stood up for that guy. I linked to this in the blog, which I’m now not sure you fully read. Read more

Why should the LGBTQ+ community (of which I am also not a member) have to be polite to someone who used their political power to make them second-class citizens? Why are they under any obligation to not appear as “Godless sinners and heathens”? (And what’s wrong with that anyway? Lots of people don’t believe in God.) Read more

I like that you a) acknowledge that half the population hates anyone who’s different from them and wants them to suffer and b) don’t see that as a problem!!! Go post on Breitbart, you’ll find tons of people agreeing with you  Read more

I dunno. Jimmy Carter is arguably the greatest ex-president ever, but what did he actually do while he was president? His deregulation policies laid the groundwork for Reagan to come in and start wrecking up the New Deal/Great Society state. And his foreign policy of “let’s arm Islamists to fight the Soviet Union” had Read more

Again, systematically stripping people of their rights is not a “disagreement”, you tired apologist. Read more

How many of them committed war crimes responsible for over a million deaths? Read more

My idea to “fix the divide” is to hound every single Republican out of office and never let any of them hold an ounce of power over another human being again Read more

Lol dude, who even cares about people being insufficiently polite to Obama. He and Bush are both war criminals. I would tell both that to their faces if I could. Fuck this civility shit. Genuinely mad people deserve scorn, simple. Read more

What should Ellen have done? Answer that. Read more

Damn, 20,000 dead Iraqis got over being killed quick. Read more

This dichotomy you’ve created between chummy friendliness on the one hand and “hate” on the other as being the only choices is simply wrong, if not disingenuous. Read more

“Whining about W being a “war criminal” is just stupid.” Read more

If only there were options other than being chummy friends with someone and telling them to fuck off while punching them in the face. Oh well, Ellen had no reasonable alternative, I suppose. Read more

Perhaps I was being too oblique. I was criticizing you for engaging in the well-worn path of “enlightened centrism” where one pretends that all things are fungible under the sun, and anyone who treats unlike things differently is being unreasonable and just as wrong as the bad thing they’re critical of. Read more

But to chastise her for being polite and civil to a former POTUS makes you as bad as those who aren’t polite or civil to Obama. Read more

Honestly, I get why the country elected Trump. I mean, I think it’s vile on every level, but I at least understand the twisted reasoning behind it. But I will never understand why so many people are so anxious to rehabilitate this guy who presided over 8 years of dread and misery. How do you forget how repulsive it Read more