Remedios Varo
Feb 26

I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this, and I write fanfic (not RPF though).

Apr 5 2019

I don’t know if you guys are looking for recommendations, but y’all should discuss this novelty house in my neck of the woods ... ish. Read more

Mar 14 2019

I’d put money on Steve and Tony being gone for good after Endgame (interpret as you will). 

Jun 18 2018

Maybe she has social anxiety like me (it could happen!) and she feels better if she has something, anything to hold in her hand while talking to people.

Jan 29 2018

I will admit to watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movie she was in (it’s on Netflix, don’t look at me), and she was so good she made me want a movie just about her character.

Jun 2 2017

Yeah, I wouldn’t push it any further. You’ve done the best you can here, which, honestly, is more than most people would do.

May 31 2017

Hi, for the past year I’ve been volunteering at a wildlife rehab that specializes in birds & have racked up more than 200 service hours. You are absolutely right - a baby bird that is not visibly injured or acting lethargic and/or has a parent nearby should be left alone. Read more

Apr 17 2017

HOLD THE PHONE. There’s going to be a TV show about the Franklin Expedition?!

Apr 5 2017

Someone correct me if I’m mistaken, but I personally don’t mind The Property Brothers because they’re not Jesus-y like Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Dec 21 2016

“Sons being interchangeable” made me think of this, and now I can’t stop imagining Trump as Mom. D:

Oct 24 2016

I would argue Hemsworth’s life isn’t perfect because he had to go through hell for a movie that tanked. :[ Read more

Oct 22 2016

Minor detail, but Salma is currently married to an *actual* billionaire, so eat your heart out, Donald.

Oct 19 2016

AHHHHHHHH it feels good to be excited about an MCU movie again (I refuse to see Doctor Strange).