Rare Endangered Vuvuzela

Am I supposed to be impressed? If you take away the muscles, jewelry, friend, properly fitting shirt, ability to do cool handshakes, Beats (potentially) headphones and non-receding hairline, I’m exactly like this dude. Read more

Intentional or not, the misspelling of America is the highlight of this post. Well done. Read more

How is traffic being driven "superficially"? In case you haven't noticed, the overwhelming majority of people really, really like these posts. "Clickbait" presumably implies people are being seduced into providing traffic via some sort of dishonesty. That's manifestly not what's going on here. Deadspin's staff and Read more

Honestly, guy, you sincerely believe Deadspin's integrity is called into question by them continuing to point out that the Lakers are torpedoing their own chances at success? That's honestly a thing you believe? Read more

Oh, it's perfectly OK. But that's not what you have done. Not at all. Read more

I really, sincerely think this is the worst comment in Deadspin history. Read more

Holy Jesus that was worth the ride +1. Read more

I'm about to drive to Alaska. If I survive, I'll send MBA a thrilling accounting. Read more

this thing's busted

Oh Mr. Judgmental, what's worse: a guy peeing in public, or someone who takes a picture of a guy peeing in public, goes home, uploads it to his computer, saves it in a folder called work stuff/2009 audit/accountant copy/backup, kisses his wife, puts the kids to bed, settles in to watch tv, falls asleep on the couch, Read more