Friday 6:06PM

Star Wars combat has an unfortunate tendency to be standing in rows shooting at each other. The confrontation on the crashed cruiser where both sides keep using the ship’s structure against each other was exciting because it was unpredictable and really felt hopeless.

Wednesday 10:03PM

Since the show began with one consequence from Avengers Endgame (Loki absconding with the Tesseract) I hope it will address the other. Read more

Tuesday 1:36PM

Specialized subspecies: Trader Joe’s Sample Station coffee. Hopefully on its way back with vaccinations.

6/10/21 5:59PM

It’s hard to get a screen shot, but in the “everything you ever said” office with the cat, the guy’s retro orange monitor has a Solitaire game.

6/08/21 9:41PM

You’re not going to mention that Steve Buscemi’s character is Benny The Teen? Probably short for Benjamin The Fellow Teen. Read more

6/06/21 3:09AM

Will their big budget blockbuster be a BAT-BOMB?
Will Bat-Fans care that Bat-Man is also Mr. Mom?
Tune in tomorrow, to learn the rest!

6/03/21 12:20PM

Agatha herself confirms this. Kathryn Hahn’s expressive face took less than two minutes to completely fall in love with Rachel Weisz.

6/02/21 8:44PM

Don’t forget soon Doctor Aphra will bringe back DURGE, the 2003 bounty hunter so Extreme 90's Throwback that he brandishes a pair of metal testicles.

6/01/21 2:55PM

Katee was one of the only ones to actually perform with us. James Callis was the other. We arranged a song of his that he sang at the shows we did a couple of years earlier.

6/01/21 1:16PM

Found an interview with Paul Kidd. One quote rings pretty true about fantasy RPG world novelizations: Read more

6/01/21 1:13PM

Gygax’s prose had its moments but even as a 1st Edition kid I was put off by how egregious his writing could be. Like in the module Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun’s opening DM monologue, a king offers the players a dungeon to ransack, and the party all respond with three whole sentences spoken in unison. Like, what. Did Read more

5/27/21 2:57PM

I saw Perfect in the theaters in 1985 as a teenager. At the time it was sort of horrifying but just another marginal escalation of how horrifying the 80's were. The trailer for Physical looks like it could be an honest retelling of how that scene and culture began, with Perfect as its culmination five years later. Perf Read more

5/27/21 2:43PM

The trailer certainly drives home how nothing is new, ie. “eat clean.” And as a child of 70s-80s San Diego the setting and scene check out.

5/26/21 8:58PM

Not freakishly tall enough. And what’s the point when his face is hidden by a big carnival head?

5/26/21 12:29PM

Exactly that. Death was the casting everyone was going to hate if they couldn’t time travel in a young Winona Rider or whichever secret movie girlfriend would play their secret comics girlfriend. Read more

5/17/21 6:21PM

It would be interesting to see an AVClub Inventory of how and where Elvis Presley retains cultural relevance. The last truly great Elvis-related experience I recall was Bruce Campbell’s moving performance in Bubba Ho-Tep...

5/14/21 4:21AM

We’re acting like getting the USA vaccinated with “only” 600,000 dead is a triumph. Read more

5/14/21 4:06AM

Now that I own a bunch of washable masks I’m going to wear one when I have a cold. Anyone who gets mad I’m not giving them my cold is not worth trying to please.