2:25 PM

The Crystal Calls documentary is such a great encore to the season. It made me appreciate things like how often the camera moves with the puppets. Even on the first watch I was amazed how often what was on screen looked like perfectly staged concept art.

2:21 PM

One of the problems with binge watching, and streamed seasons released all at once, is that the press coverage on sites like IO9 happens right then and there. Anyone who takes until later to watch the whole season (a reasonable and healthy thing to do) finishes it weeks or more after the articles went up and comment

1:58 PM

As a kid who grew up with nuclear bomb drills, this scene from Martian Chronicles gave me yet another recurring nightmare. It steers from over the top 70's camp to brutal clarity. So I actually appreciate film makers putting the trauma on screen (damn Melancholia for making me like anything by von Trier) and out of my

7:28 PM

Amityville II has the whole incest scene seducing his sister (Diane Franklin, but still) whom he later murders with the rest. Worth knowing you won’t be able to wash it out of your brain.

10:20 PM

The problem with the B-Wing is we never got to see exactly what they did. They didn’t bluescreen well for ROTJ, and the Special Edition found it more important to give us Jedi Rocks, with cartoon aliens and foxy backup singers without much to do most of the time, than to show the B-Wings do their B-Wing thing, which

6:41 PM

After 30 eye bleeding issues. Most of the writing was good, I want a Special Edition with either a do-over by a capable artist or at least a half decent machine learned deepfake.

6:38 PM

Issue #1 took place immediately after A New Hope, and the current story is butting up against the start of Empire Strikes Back. So it may be the perfect time to wrap up this particular series regardless and start a new #1 in another time period. We still don’t have a new canon Shadows Of The Empire equivalent prelude

8:22 PM

It’s a video channel, but I really enjoy Comic Tropes by Chris Piers. He delves into various series, creators, companies, storylines etc from the industry’s entire history with affectionate enthusiasm. Even when he’s critical he clearly loves the medium and has a thoughtful perspective on it. It’s turned me on to a

1:21 PM

This looks positively delirious (sic), except Eddie Murphy seems to be playing Rudy Ray Moore as Eddie Murphy with his mugging and rapid high pitched diction. Maybe recreating Moore’s slower throaty speaking style just didn’t work for an entire movie. Still I’m going to watch the no account rat eating m__f__ out of

12:10 AM

The biggest problem with the first Dr Strange was that it was an origin story with very familiar beats. So despite the world building and amazing visuals everything but the final big bad’s means of resolution felt inevitable. The three movies since then have been able to start with Dr Strange as a realized character.

11:13 PM

THIS IS FANTASTIC. I assumed it was a comics announcement!

8:43 PM

White jeans are tempting because white slacks tend to be transparent in the wrong places or show off wrinkles even if you avoid stains. I recently splurged on $145 Huckberry “Billy Reid” chinos thinking the price meant decent fabric. The color is nice but it has no heft and won’t stay ironed; after a half hour you’re

White jeans are tempting because white slacks tend to be transparent in the wrong places or show off wrinkles even

1:05 PM

You’re supposed to take it home and give it a bath.

7:17 PM

Kieron Gillen’s writing on Star Wars was so excellent it’s a shame it can’t be experienced without Larroca’s audaciously ugly artwork. Unzueta did much better but whether it’s him or Gugu e-FX you’d still get people looking like inflated sex dolls.

7:08 PM

Good news there. Phil Noto is illustrating for Grek Pak.

7:05 PM

At this point I’m pretty sure Star Wars Kids could make me love Jar Jar getting farted on or Anakin and Padme by the lake.