Aug 24 2018

This reminds me of my favorite episode of Angel, when Angel becomes a puppet. It was wonderful on so many levels. And those puppets were evil killers. Also puppet Angel was so much better than regular Angel. That is all. 

Jul 10 2018

I can vouch for the fact that Mrs. Baldwin (I’ll skip using her firs name since she didn’t ask to be famous Mom), mother of Alec, Billy and Stephen is actually could easily be one of your top 3 Baldwins. She is an incredible woman and human being. (She was a customer at a pharmacy I used to work at and seriously one Read more

Jul 19 2017

When people ask what happened here, tell them that winter came for House Pornhub, and lots of people didn’t. Read more

Jul 7 2017

I know this is about the pie, but I’d just like to point out this is a FALSE STATEMENT, ROONEY: “It was such a unique way of showing grief, we’ve never seen anything like that before.” Read more

Mar 28 2017

He was once renovating a house in my neighborhood for his other show. I drove by every 5 minutes

Mar 21 2017

Is it going to be called The Ghost Grinder?

Jan 19 2017

That man could wear the fuck out of anything. Even a dish towel. Especially a dish towel,

Jan 5 2017

Thank you for everyone who has donated, took time to listen to our story and all the nice comments. A special shoutout for this blog who posted us. You guys are definitely helping us to achieve our dream. Much love ❤️ - One of the Monroe cheerleaders

Jan 5 2017

Nationals may not mean anything to you, but it sure means a lot to us. The tears of the joy that come from cheerleaders after each competition shows that they are passionate about what they do, we have come so far and we will not give up on our dream. It’s not about the trip, it’s about coming home with the first Read more