Feb 24 2020

Not only is she married to JDM, but they were introduced by Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles, making her Jensen’s tee-vee stepmom and creating a real life One Tree Hill / Supernatural crossover.

Jan 22 2019

I will be gravely disappointed if the show doesn’t include a song called “I Fucked Up” with dancing fish explaining Charlie isn’t cheating on Daisy, that’s just his sister.

Aug 24 2018

Came here for Angel. There’s not nearly enough Smile Time love in these comments. The best, weirdest things come out of Ben Edlund’s brain.

Aug 22 2018

Meh.  My tee-vee boyfriend Pablo Schreiber is in it, so I’ll wait until it comes on HBO and Tivo it so I can FF to just the bits that he’s in.

Mar 21 2018

Had to go with drinking my own pee, because the upside of that Apocalypse is tons of drugs and tantric Sting sexy times.

Nov 3 2017

And he himself is the child of immigrants! His paternal grandfather and his mother both immigrated in their teens and joined siblings who were already established in New York. In two generations, his family went from a 16-year-old boy fresh off the boat to the White House. The fact that he’s so hell bent on denying Read more

Oct 20 2017

Well played with the placement of the Kraken rum ad. I thought at first it was an artist’s rendering of what will happen when the ice melts and the plankton is released.
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Sep 5 2017

Be aware that WOW may only offer one flight a day to your destination and they don’t code share. So if they cancel your flight - like they did my BWI to Berlin two weeks ago - you’re screwed. My options were to cancel all together for a full refund, rebook at a later date, or take the next available flight and lose Read more

Aug 22 2017

Same. My mom lurves her some Hallmark channel. I was rolling my eyes at one of the “single, career-focused city gal learns the meaning of life and true happiness is only to be found in raising the motherless children of the handsome Christmas tree farm owner” movies when she told me she watches them because they Read more