Post ApocalypticRecSpecs
Mar 11 2019

to your point: I’ve lived next door to Marquette for my entire life, I attended NMU from 97-01, and I didn’t know Howard Schultz was an NMU grad until about two years ago. Fuck that guy.

Mar 2 2017

this is fuckin perfect. the Pistons are in a situation where, if literally every person on the roster doesn’t improve significantly, they’re fucked. my patience is just about to die.

Aug 19 2016

remember when the gay son of the infallible Tony Dungy committed suicide? Why hasn’t anyone in the respected media aggressively questioned the fact that Tony’s strict, ultra-religious views just might - possibly - have had something to do with his demise?

Apr 21 2016

This is my favorite video of Prince. There’s a bunch of legends on stage doing their thing, and then Prince is like, “the JV game’s over boys,” and the rest of them just shake their heads in awe.