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Jan 25 2018

I love how Clyde tells Mulder he will die of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Even back then Morgan was taking the piss out of that character and I love him endlessly for it.

Jan 25 2018

In Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose:

Oct 19 2017

Deadspin has a very similar background to barstool that these articles refuse to acknowledge. There are certainly some instances where barstool has continued to be pretty borderline on content, bringing up pieces written 3-5 years ago is pretty disingenuous when deadspin has plenty of that in their history. While you Read more

Aug 20 2017

From Hardhome Depot, of course!

Jun 24 2017

Somewhat beloved?

Apr 19 2017

Hedging your bets, I see

Mar 8 2017

Politics has nothing to do with hating hearing about Tebow, or hating that Tebow gets a free ride to suck ass at baseball, taking roster spots from countless other minor league actual-baseball-players just so whatever franchise can sell some jerseys and tickets to Tebow sheep. Read more

Feb 27 2017

And miss Gary Buesy being Gary Busey?

Feb 19 2017

great, that can can be your obituary

Feb 8 2017

Leland’s dance is where I fell in love with the show, I believe. I just couldn’t stop chuckling, while also feeling absolutely terrible for the guy. It just brings out such a bizarre combination of emotions.

Dec 16 2016

Oh jesus I think he’s serious.

Dec 6 2016

This one is fire (1:00). Also I wanna say PS4 has a commercial out right now that has a Sweet Dreams cover

Nov 22 2016

The Palace was built with private funds for a mere pittance, 70 million. Read more

Nov 9 2016

I’m devastated, too. But, I think your comment (which reflects an attitude towards Trump supporters we both shared) is the problem. Read more

Oct 3 2016

My guess - the host’s “brains” are based off real people’s brains, and that was Dolores’ father’s “real” daughter. Or something? I don’t know. But that photo is definitely a hack, and it’s starting to spread. Read more