Phillipa Marlowe

Actually, look at the regional breakdown. The poorer regions of the UK are the ones who benefited most from EU contributions and were affected less by immigration, and were also the ones voting for Leave. They just don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Read more

Actually, ‘Germany’ can also be used synecdochically, as a whole representative of a part. So, it’s right both ways. Read more

While it is a factor that bears acknowledging that she has a history with domestic violence and conduct, our collective expectations of her to be a ‘lady’ are inherently gendered. Do we ever give a shit if male athletes are likeable? Hell no! Balotelli, Robben, Ronaldo (are the first ones I can think of) are roundly Read more

The use of nitrogen gas, which induces hypoxia, has never been tested on humans Read more

Ha! Me, too! I live in Germany, and you do not acknowledge people on the street. If eye contact is accidentally made, you make a very quick jerk of your mouth muscles (a full smile would be way too emotive) and then stare at the ground with a mumble of "Guten Tag." Nobody talks on buses either. Freakishly quiet public Read more

Huh. Europe has been doing this for like 15 years. I didn't know it wasn't done in the States... Read more

Then again, why would anyone's education suffer if your hair is mohawked and bright pink. I'm a teacher at a high school, and I deal with this issue just yesterday because girls were told that they were 'distracting to boys' and were upset about it. I went to my boss and told him nearly the same thing. (And he's Read more

Thank you for explaining this so clearly. That is also my confusion with trans issues. As a cis woman, I find it hard to separate who I am from what society had conditioned in me as a woman. If my gender identity was formed between the ages of 3-6, because I was socialised along standard gender binaries, and that is Read more

Thank you, and yes it does make sense. I am really interested in hearing an honest reaction to my questions, because I am really conflicted about it. On the one hand, I feel everyone should do whatever the hell they want. I am very radical and liberal. Yet, my own struggles with what it means to be a ciswoman affect Read more

Wow. You really got yourself in the shitter here. I think I understand what you are saying (but, man, are you saying it wrong to a bunch of radical feminists - like myself!) Read more

Disclaimer: Okay. I have the feeling I'm going to get eaten alive here. So please, before lashing out at me for expressing a dissenting opinion, at least try to understand my uncertainty. Read more

We are all part of the problem. Read more

Yes, We People do. The take-away from this story is, indeed, as you identified - we should continue to emphasise the divisions between white hegemony and people of color. In fact, let's just give you a gun so you can shoot Bad White People in the face when they ring your doorbell. That will definitely change the Read more

Rufio! Rufio!

Oh, dear. I am definitely getting old; these girls look like my high school students. Not old enough to be in sororities and get married to hedge-fund managers. Yikes! I'm only 28 (well, turning it tomorrow!)!

Why is no one talking about how she is clearly rolling on E? Right? With the tongue thrusting, and the overly enthusiastic dancing like her limbs are electrocuted? I feel so bad for her, and it makes me incredibly grateful that nothing I did when I was a stupid young'un was screened on TV. Read more

Seriously. She is in a bubble. That's the problem! She's in an extremely privileged bubble, and she is able to ignore the problems all the people outside of the bubble! Read more

Hey, that's in my city! And that's really all I have to contribute... Read more

Hmm... I have a mix of cheap and expensive cosmetics, and I drag them around with me in several different bags and purses throughout the week. I often do my makeup on the train to work (yes, I'm always running late), and yet I almost never lose makeup! Read more