Phillipa Marlowe

For as many times as it had been said, it bears repeating: Read more

the recommendation was made because of Pistorius’s good behavior in prison Read more

I find it amazing/hilarious that a nicely tucked-in uterus caused them more concern than two exposed, free-swinging, highly-sensitive balls. Read more

Protip: Monogamy, non-monogamy, polygamy, all relationships would be better if everyone was honest about what they wanted in their relationships and then figured out how to make it work or were clear that it wouldn't work. Read more

it starts as a social construct, then its becomes a human nature, some can overcome, some can't. Read more

It is so important for people to stop conflating thinness with health. Yes, losing weight can be beneficial to many people. No, it is not necessary for most people to lose weight to be healthier. That is what the author is trying to say. Read more

Kat, I know we've spun around on this, but I think it is important to note that being socialized as a girl is not a reward. That de Beauvoir quote you cited above is about the utter degradation of that process. Ergo: feminism. Non-trans women hold privilege is some respects over trans women, but as a class "woman" Read more

A husband prefers a wife who will wipe his bottom after a bowel movement; the caressing touch of his wife is more appealing than his own gruff hands, made hard from a day toiling in the fields. A man looks to his wife to be his comfort and caregiver in any and all situations, even the most intimate; as such she Read more

So, is she baby sized or what? She doesn't say how big she is, so I dunno, maybe Avery and Angelina are right. Read more

Thank you for dealing with this troll. I am finding it hard to resist every potential smackdown that I can see. Read more

If you think that having a say in a Democracy should be a privilege rather than a right (it being a DEMOCRACY and all), in which case, you're a Bond villain. Read more