PanchoVilleneuve ST
5:17 AM

The amazing thing about VR is how quickly and completely it immerses you in the experience, even with having a thing strapped to the top half of your head that you never really stop noticing, it puts you wherever the game wants you to think you are. I’ve tried a few horror games in VR, and noped out of all them pretty Read more

12:28 AM

But I'd learn what "that" was and it couldn't possibly live up to years of not knowing. 

3:16 PM

I refuse to play Vanquish, because the original trailer opened with “We have approximately 8 hours to stop that from happening. We will stop that from happening.” and that’s the kind of vagueness that knowing any more will only prove to be disappointing.

10:17 AM

Making the suits at Ford the real villains was probably the smartest way to go, since the story has been told in a near-mythic David vs Goliath way, where in reality it was one of the biggest companies in the world spending obscene amounts of money to beat a comparatively tiny one because of a business deal that went Read more

5:35 AM

I’m still banking on getting a C8 10 years from now when a boomer who bought it “as an investment”, like everyone else buying this car, kicks off and it winds up as part of an estate sale at bargain basement prices.

1:11 AM

If you want to get extra nerd rad, watch Event Horizon as a part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and that it’s a ship that passed through The Warp before the invention of the Gellar Field.

5:42 PM

Yeeeaaaah not a good phrase to ever use in advertising. Like, no, don’t ever do that. You might as well be saying Mazda: Deus Vult!

5:27 PM

I still remember getting it. They had it set up in a simulator at the New York auto show, and I asked the Toyota rep if there was any way to get a copy since GT4 was still a ways off at that point and they said “1 sec” and went to a locked cabinet and slipped me the disc like it was a drug deal.

9:11 AM

The one cool thing that 3DTVs could do was full-screen splitscreen on the handful of PS3 games that supported the feature.

4:01 PM

He did tank his career by groping a woman who is not his wife at a party, getting a divorce, and writing essentially Kirk van Houten’s Can I Borrow a Feeling” about it.