5/31/21 8:22PM

I get that Bernie hate is a big thing around here, but this is a silly story. I’m old. Not as old as Bernie, but old enough to understand how hard it is to sleep in a series of strange beds. It sounds to me as if this gossip revolves around reservations - as in someone was calling for a reservation and asking for a Read more

5/01/21 6:13PM

If you put him in a 60's police uniform, he’d be standing right next to Bull Connor. 

2/20/21 11:16AM

Who could have predicted that the thing that would unite the nation would be....Ted Cruz? 

2/13/21 6:57PM

I guess I see this differently because I’m old. I remember the infamous meat grinder cover of Hustler -why? Because it was in my house. My second husband was a porn fan. It was the last time he brought home a Hustler. It was one of the nails in the coffin of our marriage. I’m only glad I got to see the deaths of all Read more

1/26/21 10:58AM

I LOVE that this video starts off with her telling a version of a Trump “Sir” story. In Trump’s “Sir” stories, some big strong guy with tears in his eyes was forever coming up and thanking him for something. In this video, Sarah attempts her own version of a Sir story, with a soldier ripping the patch off his shoulder Read more

12/11/20 8:50PM

It’s confusing that your experience isn’t shared by everyone? Perhaps if you thought of yourself as fortunate, you’d be less confused. Read more

12/06/20 7:18PM

I really like the neck on that average for northern New England assed coat. 

10/06/20 2:41PM

He calls himself a “journalist?” This little twerp would be working at a convenience store if he’d been born into a different family. 

9/27/20 4:05PM

It would take a Constitutional amendment to change it, so we’ll be stuck with this forever. 

9/24/20 7:58PM

The NH House of Representatives is comprised of 400 volunteers. They earn an annual stipend of $100. That, combined with a media whose default setting (and that includes our public radio station) is GOP, means that these guys don’t get a lot of coverage unless they commit a disgrace that goes national. Spillane is Read more

9/12/20 7:38PM

I can picture him, in his sansabelt trousers, and tasseled loafers, drinking single malt, dandling his young wife on his knee, and groovin’ to the oldies. 

9/08/20 11:09PM

Thank you for this. I live in NH, and I’m terribly curious about why the NH DOJ is doing the bidding of Project Veritas, and why O’Keefe is so obsessed with NH. I’d also like to know how those shitweasels found out about Marzello. 

8/29/20 4:21PM

I don’t think she’s stayed out of the spotlight, I think she’s been kept out of it. She’s the one Trump kid who makes Eric feel beloved by Daddy. She did inherit the family taste-in-clothes gene, and the regrettable Trump chin/jaw - and the Trump grifter instincts. 

8/27/20 12:27PM

Poor little lamb, standing on the national “stage” at an event that happens every four years. We should all weep for how he has suffered by being cancelled. Read more