I LOVE Bernie.  Damnit, he’s 79 yrs old, he’s been serving Vermont and Progressives FINE for years and this is NOT a fucking crazy rider.  These are Bernie’s preferences and I cannot imagine Bernie is gonna go all Karen if some of these aren’t met.  

He looks like a stock photo if you Googled “white 80's Reagan supporter”.

At this very moment, someone reading these words is absolutely certain that they are excluded from the group most Black people consider to be racist. Read more

Indentured servitude is not slavery. If it were the same it would be called slavery. 

I like the tweet about Ben Shapiro “slamming” the article as if that doesn’t just confirm it’s truth.

White people sure have a lot of time on their hands since Trump stopped tweeting.

Come on, Ted needs to be resurrected.

The thing about apologies from past abusers is that they are usually for the abuser. The abuser went to therapy and realized they did something wrong, the abuser feels bad and reaches out to the person they victimized. What in that scenario is about the victim? What if the victim doesn’t desire an apology and contact Read more

Holy shit man, that IS a bad take!

My new doctor got snippy when I advocated for myself just last week. I wrote a few excoriating complaint emails about her and found a new doctor practice in a whole new system. This story, and so many others, just underscores the fact that since we can’t just show up, request assistance and get it, we’ve gotta appoint Read more

Damon’s problem is he’s a good 6 hours from the ocean.” Read more

They do have a health care plan. It’s called “Don’t get sick or hurt because if you do it’s your own fault.” Read more

Also, stop donating your not so hard earned money to people who give (is there a number less than zero) let’s just go with fucks about you.

Why is it confusing that different people will have different sleep preferences? 

What is confusing about it? I prefer sleeping alone but I don’t find it confusing if other people prefer sleeping with a partner. Different people like different things.

My parents solved this one ages ago. Two full sized beds sitting parallel and separated by a nightstand in the master bedroom. One is extremely firm or near concrete as my mother puts it for my stepfather. The other is softer with lots of extra pillows for my mother.

It’s been working for them for... 30+ years.

I thought I was the only one thinking “That’s a big coat?!?!”