Yes...be very careful of what you say aboutblack people, minorities, women etc.” in our country. Read more

I hate to be that guy, but the two hour marathon is not the most elusive distance running barrier. The one hour marathon is. Read more

Technically it’s only Pass Interference if you pull the receiver to the ground while the ball is in the air, punch their helmet, and then take out a Sharpie and write “I did pass interference” on the receiver’s jersey before the whistle is blown. Read more

This is some extremely Arizona shit  Read more

I live my life by a simple code: Read more

This is better than the blog. And it was a good blog. Read more

Ah, there’s nothing we can do so we should just let it happen argument. That’s my favorite argument. Why outlaw murder? People will get murdered anyway. Why get out of bed tomorrow, we’re all going to end up in the cold hard ground.
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Correct, yes, they should not be operating in China if China requires them to be complicit in totalitarianism.
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Game companies shouldn’t be bending over backwards to support authoritarian regimes which are abusing people. I’m kind of bewildered that’s become a mildly controversial statement to make.
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+1 smallpox-laced sideline parka Read more

People who love cooking are really bad at imagining there are people who don’t love cooking. Read more

I actually believe Trump when he says he’s never had a drink or taken drugs. His brother died from alcoholism, after all.

- What outrage? Questioning your intent isn’t “outrage”. It’s questioning your intent. Why you see outrage there is some sort of personal problem of your own, obviously. Read more

Bad Faith Questions Checklist: Read more

That’s not a serious question is it? Read more