Although it was under the worst circumstances we ever could have imagined, Read more

“...all this while poverty is growing....” Read more

So under the banner of beingpatriots” they feel entitled to overwhelm and displace the redskins from their native land, big surprise. Read more

hope this doesn’t impact Dabo's interest in the job. Read more

Tessa has Virtue but Scott wants Moir. Read more

Great post. See also: The Constant, Lost s4 e5. A smart exploration of a variation on your point and the best hour of network TV ever made. Read more

Just now got off a flight and walked past the Uber zone at PDX airport, where Uber-branded signage says, “Thank you for riding with us.” That’s the sign (literally!) of a company that offers rides to passengers. Read more

So I literally just walked past the Uber pick-up zone at PDX airport, where Uber has branded signs that say, “Thank you for riding with us.” Sounds a hell of a lot like a company whose business is offering rides to passengers. Read more

And get cops to stop covering for each other reflexively. Awesome idea.  Read more

I ain’t fighting no robot.  Read more

Never underestimate a fellow American’s ability to endorse bullshit of the highest order because to do otherwise might otherwise occasionally benefit a minority or other undesirable. Read more

Just wanted to give some love to “couldn’t cover the opening riff to Smoke on the Water” as a high-quality DB burn. Read more

Fuckin hell, I’m a mediocre middle-aged white man, where do I get in on this shit? Read more

Whatever standard they decide on, I just hope it’s reviewable. Read more

Never believe that Political Correctness is a real thing that liberals like me actually want to enforce, that you’re prohibited from saying certain words others don’t like. Read more

I like TLJ and all, but there was an ENORMOUS plot hole no one talks about: Read more

So looking forward to the 6-10 season that punishes Browns fans for even having hope, much less daring to have swagger. Read more

In my experience, you can make all the rules and regulations and signs and policies that you want, all week long, but the only thing that will help this in a sustainable, long term fashion, without sending out an unfriendly vibe or alienating good customers who are getting work done: Read more

It’s the kind of joke that’s easy to do badly and still get laffs, but you did it really well. Read more