I barely know what a good color commentator is anymore; when Al Kaline was doing ours, he was amazing. My love of baseball has to do with him and George Kell calling the TV games, to say nothing for Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey on the radio...I’d been stuck with Rod Allen for the last decade-plus until he got fired. Read more

What really grossed out his team-mates was the grey pubic hair.

Great to see another young player coming up.

His footwork is amazing. This isn’t one of those where he can set himself and get a running start at the throw. The catch takes him back to the wall and the he bounces forward into the throw. So impressive. 

This was one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched and the single greatest feat was pulled off by my wife. We’re watching the 3rd overtime from a small town on the coast and we’re out of beer and the only store that sells it is a quarter mile away and closes at 11. At 10:50 with the blazers down 5 with 8 or so Read more

While true, he was an All Star year two, at 19. Garnett actually did it year one. Read more

Driving a car from showroom new to 1 million miles in a (relatively) short period of time is a feat of driving. That’s a person who did an amazing, physical, challenge. All they had to do was maintain the car according to spec (starting with a perfect example, mind you), and just, drive a lot. Read more

They were both spamming single tie grapple.  Its easy to do since its just flicking the right stick up, but its also how you get to the better grapples and throws if you dont have the right skills unlocked yet.

Welcome to the life of a former Chargers fan. Figures they’ll win the Super Bowl from LA. If that’s not a giant karmic middle finger, I don’t want to know what is.

Hard to believe a MMA guy exhibits sociopathic behavior.

Ref immediately called for icing. 

The Ravens have always been pretty forgiving with that sort of thing.

Side note. The Crow vs Predator would probably be emo as fuck.

Gotta give props to stadium music guy who quickly cued up the Rocky theme as he trotted down to first.  Well done stadium music guy, well done.  

A Bryan Goldberg machine is a device designed to perform a simple task incorrectly.

Could have used someone around to keep me from stopping to get nachos once I reached third base on my wedding night.

Or he’s practicing his fencing response.

They were just pullin for their team.