That’s what I don’t understand. Read more

They did name who advised her to write the letter to her Dad..  Was the Queen and Charles. He wasn’t picking up his phone, as per the first series, so they probably figured writing a letter asking him to stop might work. All of them were stupid to believe he wouldn’t sell it to the press, Meghan included. Then they Read more

In any case, I sincerely hope that the worst of their storm is over, and that Harry, Meghan, their kids, and their loved ones can all live out their boring lives unbothered. Read more

I worked in graphics/cosmetic packaging for a long time.  Just to get a line of copy changed on a package took like two weeks and signoffs from 20 or so people, half of whom were on other continents.  There is zero chance that they didn’t know about this. Read more

(mutter, mutter, “Kanye”, mutter...) Read more

Yeah those ones were giving Jeffrey Dahmer.  Read more

I never got the priest and nun thing and mostly remember the perception of their use of a man in the final stages of dying from HIV/AIDS being exploitative. Read more

They used to have very weird ads related to social issues meant to get people riled up. They probably seem almost tame now though.

Yeah, ad campaigns involve so much money and so many steps for approval before they are seen by customers that there’s no way this was some lone rogue employee or whatever BS they try to cover it up with. Read more

Nothing tops the banned CK ads in the late‘90s. Those commercials were the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen and you can still find them on YouTube. They evoked a 1970s feel mixed with snuff films and pedophilia, all viewed through grainy camcorder footage in a basement. The Kate Moss one still gives me chills. Read more

This is some Terry Richardson shit. Read more

There is no way this was an accident or oversight on their part.  Read more

“Sweeney also discussed the hyper-sexualization of her body”

He is a self made jillionaire that has outsmarted the world and beyond with his vision all while being the working man on the front line, not investing other people's money and getting lucky on a few of those investments. We should elect him as president of the world because shit I forgot why. Help me out here bro. Read more

It’s not that there’s no one around to tell him they’re very bad ideas, it’s that the people remaining are too afraid to say what he doesn’t want to hear - lest they lose their jobs.  Read more

I don’t understand all this hand-wringing over what everyone agrees is a dumpster fire. There are so many different ways to get information in actual sentences with appropriate punctuation, respectful caps usage and correct spellings and everything. Maybe all these so-called legit journalists can get back to platforms Read more

From the perspective of someone who has been working in software development for many years at this point, it has been amazing to watch Elon make these absolute rookie mistakes. Like he really has no idea how to manage a product like this and no one around him to tell him these are very bad ideas. Read more

For real for real. Mastodon Mondays. Read more

This is amazing to watch from the outside (I hate twitter) and I’m here for it!   Read more

It’s almost like everyone should entirely quit using this piece-of-shit app and NOT give money to a sociopath who wants the world to burn.  Read more