Martin Drkos
3:45 PM

I have an exclusive preview of Japan Sinks: 2021! Check out this amazing shot:

7:53 PM

It’s a cop lol, apparently there was one across the street when she found it and did not know what to do for a second.

3:36 AM

I remember one particularly tragic New Year’s about 15 years ago, all my plans fell apart leaving me home alone. I spent the New Year’s countdown in a club on Second Life with a bunch of equally tragic people listening to great music, having a ton of laughs, and even won a couple contests. One of my best New Year's Read more

10:31 PM

You can read the lore cards in the game. You have been able to do this since the launch of Destiny 2, back in 2017. Your jibes are over 2 and a half years old. It’s really, really sad.

9:27 PM

That’s neat. Meanwhile, I just bought a used 2DS and am enjoying my first playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening.

2:41 PM

This underscores the need for a really good moderator on video conferences. I work remotely on two different development teams where our scrum masters are on opposite ends of the spectrum for this. One meeting is always super painful because there’s a lot of awkward silences, punctuated by three people starting to all Read more

8:03 AM

If we only consumed the most hassle-free media, there would be no video games. Much less PC games or games that take a lot of effort and practice. 3D TV died because it didn’t provide a fundamentally different experience to regular TV. The same can definitely not be said for VR. It’s also already very successful. Valve Read more

8:26 PM

The way it goes: keys are purchased with stolen credit cards, the keys are sold for a fraction of the going price on G2A, and the publisher is hit with significant chargeback fees to correct for the stolen cards (so not only are they not making any money, but they’re actually losing money).

6:59 PM

Heads up: with very few exceptions there’s always someone out there dedicated to doing your hobby, but with more time, skill, and money than you. If that ruins the hobby for you, it ain’t their fault.