Martin Drkos
1:09 PM

First off, it’s $40. Second, they’ve released gameplay footage and YouTubers have posted videos playing it at demo events.

11:18 AM

Conversely, I love them.  The MK Universe is full of opportunities for crossover from similarly edgy 90s properties, and I welcome them all.

11:57 AM

Those are the cheap nuggets you would find in a Walmart freezer. McD’s doesn’t make their nuggets like that. People just didn’t do the research to see if it was true or not and took it at face value. If you can see muscle fibers in the meat, it wasn’t made with “pink paste” at all. The nuggets that don’t have the Read more

3:39 PM

Those gamers are real party animals, headsets cranked out to max in the middle of the night, binging on energy drinks. A decent Christian society can only put up with so much.

5:31 PM

Plus I heard the house would soon have a bunch of mice in it, possibly even laser mice.

1:16 PM

When you factor in the boob physics, hip sway, seductive walk, playful giggles when sneaking, sexually charged moans when taking damage, make-up application animations, entirely new costumes and outfits that all show off midriff/cleavage/thighs, and a host of other problems it’s painfully clear how much extra work Read more

7:07 PM

The “HOW CAN YOU THINK OF ANIMALS WHEN PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING” crowd can just ignore this comment, but Australia also has a ton of native wildlife that are found nowhere else on the planet and are being pushed closer to extinction by these fires. Places you can donate, which are actively involved in trying to save Read more

6:21 PM

Yes. People sent money, and the Australian and New Zealand governments sent about 190 firefighters to help.

7:56 PM

If you are asking if it is for you, it is probably not for you and that is fine. Look at what happened to the Witcher. After the series aired the game got a huge boost from people who had not experienced it yet. When properties jump mediums it introduces the property to a whole new audience. We have seen this time and Read more

4:20 PM

Pre-1978 copyright laws, with a maximum copyright length of 56 years, ensured that for any piece of media you created as a legal adult you would have on average been dead for years (how many years depends on when the estimate was made) when it entered the public domain. Any creator would almost certainly not lose Read more

5:38 PM

joycons let you sit with your hands apart or in any relaxing position instead of being forced to move your arms and hold them together at one controller.

joycons let you sit with your hands apart or in any relaxing position instead of being forced to move your arms and