Martin Drkos
Mar 4

Video services like Disney+, HBO, Netflix etc. Like honestly, $40 tablets have it, why not offer it to your device? Hell the 3DS had Netflix!
It’s a “game” machine. So is the PS5 and Xbox yet they have them. Read more

Mar 2

Yep, “Heavy Rain”, “Beyond: Two Souls”, Detroit: Become Human”, etc. You would think the Playstation store would sell only games.

Feb 23

I have a hard time being upset when kids get kicked out of toxic religious schools because their families aren’t toxic religious people.

Feb 22

That might explain why I’m not allowed at Chuck E Cheese anymore.

Feb 22

Not sure how effective this campaign is because if Syphilis and Viral gastroenteritis called me at 3.00am, I’d be at their place at 3.01am.

Feb 18

Back in 1997(ish?) my family took a week long vacation up north where we rented a cabin with a tiny TV, one couch, and a door to a backyard with a lake where we could fish all day and all night. Read more

Feb 18

Every bit as fun as the asshats who insist on arguing the door would have supported them both

Feb 18

Jesus tap dancing Christ, how many times do we have to do this, it wasn’t about the area of the floating door, it’s about how much weight it could support. If Rose & Jack were on the door it would have partially submerged & Rose would have died of hypothermia before the lifeboat arrived.

Feb 18

I don’t seem to be able to delete this comment; I missed something when I read the article.

Feb 18

So Northern English = Cringe Accent? I actually loved having a game for once where everybody didn’t sound like Americans.

Feb 17

It’s the sort of “cooperative” mode perfect for, say, a younger sibling or kid—just interactive enough to make them feel like they’re really, seriously playing. At the same time, it’s not so invasive as to allow player two to screw things up, by accident or on purpose, for player one. Read more