Madoffs Mets
Apr 8 2019

That wasn’t the only bad sign they used to remind fans of Wrigley’s history. The Cubs also posted the current standings on the scoreboard.

Feb 25 2019

Until the issue can be resolved, Jon Gruden has agreed to continue to keep his team out of the end zone altogether. 

Feb 13 2019

Looks like the Ravens were able to make a potential quarterback controversy vanish into thin air.

Feb 11 2019

Looks like the experts were right when they said Hunt would never play another meaningful game in the NFL.

Feb 5 2019

On the bright side, Wall had already met his health insurance deductible for the year.

Jan 16 2019

If Turkey really wanted to lock Kanter up, a simple pump fake would probably do the trick. 

Dec 10 2018

To be fair, how was that guy supposed to know someone there was actually coaching the Nets.

Dec 4 2018

I certainly don’t think there’s any excuse for choking a pregnant woman. But someone had to step in and stop Mrs. Rivers already.

Nov 20 2018

Fultz is probably the first person to go to the doctor and actually get excited when they find out they’re getting a shot.

Oct 29 2018

Leave it to the Browns to fire their head coach during his winningest season with the team.

Oct 22 2018

“Yes, I’m calling about that guy who was flattened at the Jaguars game yesterday. Have you made an arrest yet?” Read more

Oct 19 2018

If you think the way they got Manny Machado to fit into a Yankees uniform is disturbing you should see how they get one to fit on CC Sabathia.

Oct 15 2018

To be fair, there’s no way the Broncos could have predicted that their recently signed franchise QB would turn into Case Keenum this quickly. 

Aug 8 2018

It certainly looks like expectations have been raised this season. This year the Browns might actually be expected to practice.

Jul 22 2018

I doubt Kobe had anything to do with it. He hasn’t been anywhere near the paint in years.