Lucky Frog
5:50 AM

Back in 2011, the state-owned China Film Group released “The Founding of a Party” for the 90th anniversary of the CPC. The movie stunk, but it HAD to be a blockbuster, so everyone going to see Transformers or Harry Potter got a ticket stub saying TFOAP instead. That way the box office was artificially inflated and an Read more

5:27 AM

My first thought was A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov. Perfect example of the arrogant, cynical, calculating, emotionally unavailable dude that just gets womens’ heads all twisted up and leaves nothing but a trail of fire behind him. Good book!

7:10 AM

I will be very interested to see a full breakdown of voter demographics. One of the articles of faith I used to believe in was that there were no longer enough Bigoted White Dudes left for a path to presidential victory. Either that was completely wrong, or Trump expanded his reach beyond the BWD demographic. Read more

3:42 PM

The Daily Beast interviewed a couple of the dumbassed kids posting all the racist memes, and they’re as unimpressive and self-aggrandizing as you might expect. Their goal is to “reclaim Pepe from normies” i.e. have any instance of him seen as unambiguously racist. Success at this is supposed to serve as a monument to Read more

3:06 PM

Yeah, it’s funny. I started commenting on Jez way back in the day and picked out a froggy avatar without putting too much thought into it. Now, like YEARS later it’s taken some pretty improbable turns. I don’t know — some rando can MS Paint a swastika on Grumpy Cat and turn her into a hate symbol, but does that mean Read more

1:48 PM

I want to use my brother’s weird coworker here. I was visiting him in his office when the guy brought his Russian mail order bride around for introductions and passed out invitations to her welcome to America party. It was stars and stripes clipart with little fireworks explosions. I was like PLEASE can we go, but my Read more

6:03 AM

Cosigning with everyone else saying your party plan sounds like a fun time, and I definitely would have gone. I wish I got invited to parties like that. Your sweater game is outstanding!

11:16 AM

I impuse-bought a Pomeranian window decal last week, and now I’m torn between putting it on and celebrating all things Pomeranian or leaving it off and maintaining my street cred.

4:50 AM

Good that you went for it, sort of. There are some situations where you just HAVE to say something, and it’s a relief to have done it, even though for me it pretty much never turns into anything. Read more

3:52 AM

I want to gripe about those people that “forget” to eat. First of all, the concept is pretty alien to me — I understand self denial, but having food slip your mind entirely seems out-of-this-world bonkers. Read more

8:48 PM

Totally rejected this other person’s attempt to get me all stressed out for no reason.

11:00 AM

Gonna paint a picture frame and put a photo of a little dog in it. Otherwise, pic related is what I’ve got on tap.

2:48 PM

Clearly a trick question — real men don’t go to the doctor, especially not for checkups.

12:28 AM

Yeah, that temper just gets a hold of him sometimes.

4:43 AM

That game was brutal. Not much fun to watch, even as a Warriors fan. I think they’ve just got ownage over the Cavs — the beatdowns have been too hellacious, especially the rematch this season that was so bad the head coach was fired the next day.