Lucky Frog
11:36 PM

Small victory! Finally worked tonight on finishing my bathroom. I started a wall treatment, oh...about a year or two ago (eek, I didn’t realize it’d been that long 😕) and I just had pieces of wood leaning against the walls in there. Read more

3:10 PM

I’m in software so introverted, quiet people are par for the course. There is one guy who gets on my nerves though. Like he’s nice enough but for the year I worked here when he was engaged, he talked about his fiancee on the daily. He’s typically quiet but unusually open about that. Read more

1:39 PM

Oh man, so I currently have two coworkers that are just kinda... dumb. Like, they’re reasonably nice. But they’re dumb. The one is a young man. He’s got this stoned look about him, like, the way he speaks is long and drawn out, and slightly off. He’s got a laugh that tells me he doesn’t always know what’s going on. Read more

8:25 PM

Again taking this opportunity to loudly repeat that I WANT TO GO BACK TO MAIN PAGE MODDING AGAIN. For free again. I am so sick of this. Assholes come in and mansplain and trounce all over threads with whining. They get a lot of recs from other assholes, and a lot of responses from good Jezzies trying to fight the Read more

9:21 AM

One of the air conditioners is broken and it is humid so I am sweating and feel gross. Yesterday I had to help move things around at work and felt like another hour and I would have had flies around my head.

9:07 AM

Today is okay. I’m with my dad right now running a couple errands con ending something I didn’t even know was still a thing. Basically my parents still owe some money to my fancy pants private school.

6:41 AM

Really awful day. We went to our ten week appt with the obstetrician only to discover that the baby is measuring 8 weeks 3 days- which was the last time we saw the heartbeat. Read more

8:44 AM

One of my friends started to make honey recently, and she just gave me her bees’ first batch, which is super light and tangy. Apparently, that’s how the spring honey batch looks and later in the year they will yield darker and thicker honey. I’m super excited!