Oct 17

Dom a Lions fan? the hands to the face were horrible calls. But the Lazard catch was clearly a TD to anyone with working eyeballs, the ball was bobbled until he had rolled into the endzone and finally got control, at that time it became a catch. Also, was is everyone ignoring the Lions turnover on downs, called so by Read more

Dec 31 2018

I mean, we have literal evidence that Snyder can’t see the forest for the trees. 

Mar 14 2018

Everyone and nothing actionable. Same reason OWS was a joke that fell apart. Wide-eyed idealism that starts and ends, platform-wise, with “MAKE ALL THE BAD STUFF NOT HAPPEN ANYMORE” is pointless, as was this demonstration.

Aug 14 2017

Don’t hold your breath. He very clearly states that anything done to steer resources away from the government is racist, because only the government can fix your problems if you are black. Not you, not your family, not your community, the government. Meanwhile, they do everything they can to discredit and demonize the Read more

Aug 14 2017

Especially since liberal economic policies have done SO much good for the poor (instead of just making them reliant on exchanging votes for social programs)

May 15 2017

No tolerance for dirty players.

Apr 17 2017

As a long-suffering M’s fan, I look forward every spring to another 84-78 season to be filled with disappointment and the odd All-Star performance. Seeing Paxton ring up a 14-11 record with a 2.38 ERA is going to be an absolute delight!

Feb 3 2017

Oh Jesus Christ. I’m seriously tired of these comments. Read more

Jan 30 2017

“Because they have no union. They are not organized. And therefore they are at the mercy of their company.”
Read more

Jan 24 2017

So glad Durant left. Now OKC will be Milwaukee for the next 30 years, and Westbrook will be viewed as nothing more than his generation’s Bobby Wanzer, without the championship. Read more

Jan 17 2017

We don’t really need it though the air force already has the F-22 which is already ahead of most of its competitors and the F-18 isn’t exactly ancient either. But this is what happens when you try to make an aircraft good at everything it just ensures it isn’t good at any of them.

Jan 6 2017

I’m for states rights. Counter to that, don’t make me a criminal for driving through your little burg on my way to gun range because you enact some silly firearm ban. Patchwork laws are a nightmare for someone like me that travels with firearms to a remote range 4 hours away.

Jan 6 2017

I’m pretty sure State’s rights only need to be respected when they apply to the ownership of black people. Read more

Dec 29 2016

I sincerely believe that the line of thinking that Will espouses above is completely part of the problem that gave rise to white nationalism, Trump, and all manner of other issues, rather than a solution. When our country is becoming more consciously divided than maybe anytime in the last 3 decades, many people’s Read more

Nov 29 2016

When my kids were in diapers, I NEVER did that style of diaper check and have never understood those who do.

Nov 14 2016

Seattle is one of the worst teams statistically in making two point conversions, so no, it wasn’t a good decision.