3/17/20 4:05PM

This is also true. Some of the shit about Bernie Bros is overblown, but watching the way Warren got shit on in the stretch run of this campaign by Bernie supporters, culminating with Bernie supporters absolutely astonished that she was hesitant to endorse him was really something.  Like, you really have to take a step Read more

3/17/20 3:44PM

This honestly isn’t true, because the demographics Sanders has staked his campaign on are unreliable voters. They couldn’t even carry him to the Democratic nomination, much less carry him to victory in a general election. Frankly, as much as it pains Bernie’s fans to hear, Biden has more of a chance of appealing to Read more

3/17/20 3:35PM

Bernie’s supporters always seem to approach his candidacy as if it’s an inherent reality that young people are better, or more worthy, or more valuable. Votes, in the end, are valuable, and all people are valuable, as everyone’s effort to shelter and protect the elderly happens now. WHY does Biden need to win over Read more

3/11/20 3:15PM

I’m sorry but that speech was frankly a bit bizarre, reading like the opening and closer about Trump was from a draft that expected a repeat of 2016 upsets in states like Michigan. Read more

3/11/20 3:08PM

Thank you!! I have said before I love Bernie’s ideas but I can’t stand the messenger. I loved Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She said the exact things Bernie stands for but she knew it wasn’t her time this election cycle. And certainly she was right to acknowledge the role sexism played and the bad treatment she got at Read more

3/11/20 3:06PM

I’ve said many, many times before that Biden should not have run and the fact that he and Sanders chose to run ruined what might have been a very good primary debate over the future and present of the party. But Biden has one thing going for him that Sanders will never have: He fucking won. Read more

3/11/20 3:00PM

Let it never be said that Bernie Sanders is anything but a narcissistic sociopath. 

3/11/20 2:08PM

This would seem to be an acknowledgement that support for Sanders is little more than a cult of personality more concerned with the advancement of its figurehead than it is with any of the principles, values or policies supporters generally claim to themselves and to others that it is about. Read more

3/11/20 1:23PM

To be fair to them: His net favorability polling is very strong, so if you’re the type of person who thinks that kind of polling is super useful in a vacuum, it would make sense that you might overlook the obvious just-under-the-surface reality that of course Clinton supporters resent Sanders.

3/11/20 1:08PM

That’s my personal feeling (though my state votes so late, it doesn’t matter what I think). Read more

3/11/20 1:06PM

Sanders supporters probably should have thought a little bit harder on whether supporting the guy that Democratic women probably still harbor a great deal of resentment toward for 2016 might have unintended (if easily predictable) consequences.

3/11/20 1:02PM

There’s probably something to that, but I suspect the larger issue is that Democratic women over 35 were Hillary Clinton voters, and they still by and large blame Sanders for 2016. Read more

3/11/20 10:35AM

She also kept reiterating that she doesn’t want her son “to change,” which is exactly like saying she doesn’t want him to grow, which seems like a strange way to parent your adult son. Read more

3/11/20 10:19AM

Is there an underlying reality here that Barb is fearful of Madi’s “values”as an Evangelical- i.e. doesn’t want her son to marry someone who potentially isn’t pro-choice, doesn’t support gay marriage, etc- and chose to not politicize this show, purposefully keeping her negative feedback very vague? Or am I giving Barb Read more

3/09/20 1:07PM

Pete Davidson first appeared on SNL about four years before his relationship with Ariana Grande. That same year, he contemplated suicide, not long after he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Read more

3/09/20 10:46AM

The Jezebel staff chose to make NOT seeing Davidson the top story in the dirt bag. The tone is also mean spirited for no particular reason. Davidson is not the problem, it’s sites like Jezebel talking about him constantly, even when he’s literally not doing anything.
I know this comment has an aggressive tone, but it’s Read more

3/05/20 12:03PM

I’d say her remaining support is more practical. The core progressives bailed to Bernie months ago. Couple that with all the toxic shit thrown at her by Bernie supporters for having the nerve to run for President, and I’d guess 2/3 of her remaining base will go Biden. It’s what I’m doing.