3/11/20 4:42PM

Nah. At this point, as Bernie is not removing himself from the race and it appears we’re going to have a retread of the 2016 primary, I think it’s pretty important that the presumptive nominee has as much voter strength behind him as necessary.

3/11/20 2:59PM

Ha, I already forgot about those two! Anyway, I have a feeling after next week’s primaries in AZ, FL, and IL, we’re going to have some pretty clear perspectives on who the people want (if the clarity wasn’t already there).

3/11/20 2:55PM

This is exactly what I thought too. I likely wouldn’t be as messy on public tv as Barb, but I would absolutely freak out if one of my kids brought home an evangelical Christian, especially one who has already demonstrated* that she maybe wasn’t on the show for the right reasons. Read more

3/11/20 2:52PM

My point was more that all votes in the primary are important... Yes, CA’s votes count in favor of the Democrat, but the democratic base, black women, disproportionately live in the South. Both are valid and important reasons for counting all votes. 

3/11/20 1:20PM

Yeah, based off own anecdotal observations, seems like Bernie supporters very much didn’t understand how much people didn’t like him. It seems you either love him or hate him, not a lot in between, and unfortunately for him, there are a lot more people in the second category. 

3/11/20 1:18PM

What an odd argument. One could also say “Why bother what California says in the primary, they’re going to vote for the Democrat anyway.” Read more

3/05/20 12:23PM

As a white college-educated woman in the 30-40 range, I feel like the majority of my friends are/were Warren supporters. And I don’t know a single one considering moving over to Bernie. Read more

2/03/20 1:50PM

I’m an undecided-but-reliable Democrat who lives in a purple district in a purple state. Maybe my bubble is bigger than you realize? Read more

2/03/20 12:06PM

Co-sign. I am also in the “Not a fan of Sanders, would never in a million years would vote for him in the primary, but would GLADLY vote for him in November.” Read more

12/05/19 11:43AM

Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 color of the year is a Navy Blue, and I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but this seems to be an indicator of where things are headed? I love these deeper darker blues - they’re both calm and vibrant and fresh at the same time. And there seems to be a recent interior decor push for blue kitchen Read more

12/03/19 2:53PM

Probably not officially. She may have also seen the writing on the wall and realized that with all the nonsense coming up, she needed to be in the Senate 100% to go after Trump.

12/03/19 2:52PM

Thank you for creating your account today just to troll the comments on this particular article. Very useful.

12/03/19 2:51PM

I’m not voting for someone with so little experience and yet such a huge ego. Unless of course they’re running against Trump. 

12/03/19 2:13PM

I was all-in for her. I’m not sure who to support now. I love Castro, but I see his fundraising emails and I’m not sure I can have my heart broken again. I like Warren, but she has some serious issues she has failed to address adequately. I’m not voting for Biden, Buttigieg, or Bernie unless it’s in a GE for various Read more

11/22/19 12:01PM

I’ve spoken to actual former staffers of hers who are terrified of speaking on the record because her political influence in MN is so strong they’re fearful of their careers being hampered. Read more

11/21/19 1:55PM

I’m sure it’s frustrating for her because she is one of the most effective legislators in the Senate currently, and by far the Senator who has done the most who is also running for President. To see a dude with minimal political experience (he got less than 9k votes in his mayoral race in a blue town) getting all the Read more

11/21/19 12:29PM

Like so many other reality shows, I started watching TMS as a joke because it seemed stupid. And then I got sucked in because it’s silly and lighthearted and kind of fun to guess who is who. T-Pain/Monster was clearly the best in terms of voice/performance/etc. The other one who was surprisingly great last season was

11/21/19 11:09AM

It seemed like they eliminated her because they all knew who she was? I thought the Rottweiler was going home, but c’est la vie. The Flower was never going to win - that was pretty clear from the get-go.