11/20/20 7:55PM

I definitely didn’t have “get insulted & cussed-out by Sia on Twitter” on my agenda for today. :D

11/10/20 8:32AM

Lol, exactly! I first watched this episode as a teen in CA. Upon rewatching as an adult in New England, I’m roaring with laughter at the fact that they’re supposed to be dining outside in February without coats. The lush green landscape is pretty funny too.

9/16/20 2:11PM

The fact that undecided voters showed more spine and follow through with president chunky ass last night than any of The White House press corps is a pretty big indictment of their ineffectiveness and over all uselessness. Oh if you are undecided at this point you are making excuses. There has been nothing in this Read more

8/27/20 2:40PM

There’s something about this letter that comes off as almost....proud(?) of how much influence they think they have over their ex. Couching it in self flagellation is adding victimhood to narcissism.

8/27/20 2:35PM

Okay, when I read this letter, my first reaction was: wow, this person is making several bad (unjustified) inferences. The relationship he describes reminds me of one I was in and, similarly, if you ask my ex his side of the story, he too would be taking lots of credit for why my life is the way it is. In reality, I Read more

8/27/20 2:01PM

Defunctland has a good video on it that is probably better than this doc. Their Astroworld video is amazing.

8/02/20 7:11PM

so... they’re thinking about replacing a terrible person with another known terrible person, james corden?

7/31/20 1:46PM

Before we hear any of the greys talk about how this is ruining those Dems with the ramifications of Clinton.... Read more

7/31/20 9:22AM

Okay, I’m fully convinced that Tilda Swindon is the best person to play Maxwell. She’s got the hair, the accent, the amazing acting talent, etc. I bet she’d be a better Maxwell than Maxwell. Read more

6/12/20 10:40PM

Every time I read another one of these I feel like some dude out there is saying to himself ‘and that’s why women shouldn’t run shit.’ Read more

6/12/20 1:07PM

I’m from Knoxville and while it’s definitely not at all what it was like when I was growing up, UT keep it more even keeled racially than basically anywhere in a 20 mile radius of Knoxville. Read more

6/10/20 2:54PM

I don’t disagree that class is an issue. I don’t disagree that there are no perfect victims. I don’t even disagree that she has lived a hard and sad life. Read more

6/08/20 3:12PM

Fuck you for trying to remove racism for what’s going on in this story, at Refinery 29 and, in Fashion.

5/20/20 3:00PM

She hurt people, a lot. And this season made it clear that one of the main reasons Catra was lashing out as she did was because she was ‘in love’ with Adora and couldn’t stand to see Adora happy with other people.But she saves Glimmer, tells Adora she’s sorry, and almost immediately she’s in the best-friend squad and Read more

5/08/20 5:11PM

I like this idea a lot better than Boba getting his own show, but only if Temuera Morrison also shows up as old-man Rex in whatever episodes Ahsoka is in.