3:00 PM

She hurt people, a lot. And this season made it clear that one of the main reasons Catra was lashing out as she did was because she was ‘in love’ with Adora and couldn’t stand to see Adora happy with other people.But she saves Glimmer, tells Adora she’s sorry, and almost immediately she’s in the best-friend squad and Read more

5:11 PM

I like this idea a lot better than Boba getting his own show, but only if Temuera Morrison also shows up as old-man Rex in whatever episodes Ahsoka is in.

10:41 PM

Good thing no one gives a shit about you or your opinions. You can feel free to continue living alone without fear of interaction with any woman, let alone someone as important as AOC.

10:35 PM

Check his post history. That’ll give you all the info you need.

10:12 PM

You’ve been duped bud. Unless you’re rich or a racist, you have nothing to fear from AoC, despite what fox hammers down your throat. 

8:23 PM

comic books didn’t make $36.9 billion last year. video games did. the industry is already as legitimized as it can be. getting to point at a shitty adaptation of one that removes all of the things that makes games meaningful, like, as a medium, and saying “see, this has an important actress, take me seriously” is Read more

8:20 PM

This is probably something Variety found on a USB stick some bonehead left at Medieval Times. 

12:42 PM

OK so for one, you clearly haven’t paying attention to the size of game files recently. We regularly see games these days where the full install size is 100gb+.

For 2 you don’t really seem to know how media creation works. Things are created and processed at much higher resolutions, multiple copies of a given file are Read more

1:37 PM

I’m glad to see that, even though “Deadspin” is apparently “back” now, this is where I should still come for my proper Deadspin-related and Deadspin-adjacent content. Thank you for this public service. Read more

1:54 AM

The man is holding a Glock pistol. Glocks are commonly chambered for either 9mm or .40 caliber rounds. Do you know how many walls and objects a 9mm or .40 round can penetrate before coming to a stop? Most common tests have rated them to effectively pierce around three to six standard house/apartment walls or traveling Read more

3:27 PM

My local WF in NJ was fully stocked yesterday (except for those 365 cheese crackers which are like crack). The one in Manhattan near my office was fully supplied as well today. Read more

6:18 PM

I think knowing the kind of proposal your partner wants is super important. It does seem like most people, at least around here, would not want it to be public. But there are definitely plenty of people who would, for whatever reason. I especially like the reason Lindy West’s husband gave for doing a public proposal: Read more

5:07 PM

I know! I’ve been calling for a Warren/Castro ticket for 6 months. I suspected that he was at the top of her list when I saw them interact after the debates; she would go across the stage and hug him.

10:32 AM

Admittedly I’m still on the Elizabeth Warren/Stacey Abrams train, but nothing about have Castro as VP strikes me as a bad move. One of the most unsung, and most damaging, effects of having Trump as president is the damage he’s done to the administrative state through neglect and institutional rot (and in Betsy DeVos’ Read more

10:04 AM

I don’t know about being VP but I do appreciate that, within a few days of dropping out, he picked the person he wanted to get behind, which I take as solid evidence that he made his choice based on his values and ideals rather than waiting to endorse someone at the most opportune moment.