Nov 27

If you’re in your 20s and writing for pop culture media these days, you have to woke-signal regularly or you’re out on your ass.

Nov 27

That Rosario Dawson article you’ve linked to calls them a family friend, not an employee. And it says the allegation are against Dawson’s mother, not her. And that the plantiff dropped 18 out of 20 charges willingly with no settlement and that their lawyer quit. Seems like you are adding smoke to a rather small fire.

Nov 13

I can confirm that our goal is absolutely a full-blown matriarchy. First we gain the presidency, then we start oppressing the men.

We start passing laws on what elective medical procedures they can have to erode their bodily autonomy, pay them less so they’re more dependent on us, only test medication on women so it’s  Read more

Oct 9

I agree. And you know what? I desperately want EA to release DLC for this game. I never thought I’d say that about a game at the end of this console generation but here we are. Thing is, Squadrons is perfectly set up for “expansion pack” single-player campaign DLC. I’d pay another $20-40 without a second thought if EA Read more

Jul 8

A big fuck you to every moron who uses the term SJW unironically. To you morons, an SJW is anyone with baseline human empathy. 

Jul 8

The whole point of gestures like this is so that racist assholes can wink at each other then pretend they were just saying OK when they get called out. Read more

Jul 8

Exactly. We’re going to let racists dictate our very vernacular by simply making things go viral. And we’re going to talk ourselves into the idea that we’re “winning” a war on hate by doing so all while those racists laugh their asses off at how easily society can be manipulated, now. Read more

Jul 8

So you’re basically giving a bunch of racist pricks the power to determine the symbols or gestures that are acceptable and unacceptable in society? I don’t see how that could possibly go wrong... Maybe they should also co-opt the thumbs up, the fist in the air, the peace sign, and every other innocuous gesture we use Read more

Jul 8

So, the solution is to just let racists have a symbol? To just gain ground over something that has been universally used to say OK for who knows how long?
Read more

Jul 6

That’s actually how a news article is supposed to be written. The things that are absolute truthful facts are presented in a clear manner. It looks weird to people because we have had decades of opinion pieces and advertisements masquerading as news. Read more

Jun 15

Sounds like there are two campaigns. “The campaign stars two small groups of fighter pilots. One part of the New Republic and the other part of the remnants of the Empire after the destruction of the second Death Star.”

Mar 2

....but RE2 remake is the whole game. That’s why no one is complaining.

People would absolutely complain if Capcom released Re2 Remake--Part 1.

Jan 9

I’m no right-winger, but I think this is a much more complex issue than has been perpetuated. Conservatives aren’t the only ones protesting this issue, though their (underlying, prejudicial) reasoning is certainly unique. Read more

Dec 18

Actually, that’s pretty easy to explain: the embargo ended precisely at midnight PST, and sites get them up as early as possible for clicks.