5/13/21 4:57PM

Female Eivor is the worst Eivor. That gruff try-hard voice is so much more grating and campy than the soft-spoken male Eivor who sounds like a real person, not a voice actor trying to do “barbarian voice.” I started out with the female character and quickly switched after about an hour or so. I just couldn’t do it. Read more

1/14/21 3:32PM

He realizes this before Crusade.  One of the main themes of Temple of Doom is him transitioning from a self-interested treasure hunter to someone who gives the stone back to the villagers at the end.  Granted, Temple has MANY other cultural sensitivity problems (probably the worst of the bunch on that end, actually,) Read more

1/12/21 1:59PM

I just don't see how this game can turn out good without shoehorned waggle.

12/11/20 6:13AM

Counterpoint: Who cares if some potentially-still-with-it geezers get excluded if it means younger and more vital people get more power?

11/27/20 2:53PM

If you’re in your 20s and writing for pop culture media these days, you have to woke-signal regularly or you’re out on your ass.

11/27/20 2:46PM

Lol...yep, a stilted exposition dump is surely what this episode needed!

11/20/20 1:10PM

Honest question: Is the difference between 60 fps and 120 fps even visible enough to make this a hot selling point?

11/12/20 12:45PM

Counterpoint: Syndicate does not hold up well, and indeed is the blandest and most boring Assassin’s Creed game of the last generation.

11/10/20 6:06PM

That’s all well and good, but how do you feel about our current political moment?

10/13/20 10:17PM

Should have done this with Bloodborne.  Such an obvious missed opportunity!

10/09/20 11:39AM

I agree. And you know what? I desperately want EA to release DLC for this game. I never thought I’d say that about a game at the end of this console generation but here we are. Thing is, Squadrons is perfectly set up for “expansion pack” single-player campaign DLC. I’d pay another $20-40 without a second thought if EA Read more

10/05/20 2:24PM

Protip: For the love of God, change the throttle setting to Incremental instead of Continuous.  Makes it MUCH easier to quickly and accurately drop to half speed for tighter turns.

6/15/20 8:25PM

Sounds like you’re exactly EA’s target audience.

6/15/20 4:53PM

Don’t get your hopes up, and for God’s sake don’t preorder games the day after they were announced!  

Don’t get your hopes up, and for God’s sake don’t preorder games the day after they were announced!  

6/15/20 12:57PM

THE campaign. Singular.  Sigh....  Remember when the original X-Wing had 3 campaigns PLUS two major expansions?  Today's fucking gaming industry.

4/18/20 12:16AM

There are literally no “younger Republican voters” who aren’t just contrarian assholes who get their jollies out of being “different” than the rest of their generation. It’s a small minority.

2/27/20 10:03AM

You really should consider updating this article to specify what exactly it is about these figures that is so objectionable, because to a lay person, it is not clear at all from the photos alone.  I'm genuinely curious!