Nazi anime fans definitely won’t jump all over this. Read more

Cue up the McBain “That’s the joke” meme please someone thx aaaaaaaand break Read more

Another thing they said in the statement? They didn’t have a description of the shooter. Read more

Not just hacked, but hacked INTO. That sounds even worse. Read more

Haha. As someone else pointed out, this was a riff off an already famous piece by Carl Orff. Read more

TRUE ROMANCE is just BADLANDS run through the Tarantino-filter. Right down to the theme song. Read more

There’s no way to quantify “best” but that Cosmo Canyon theme is mega under-appreciated. Read more

Haha. “If you like the potential of this game, buy it.” Nah b Read more

I’ve liked fat girls ever since I was a kid. For the majority of my youth, I pretended I didn’t, because my friends always said how gross fat girls are. So I agreed because I didn’t want to be weird. And guess what? My sex life was wack as fuck until I just let myself enjoy what I know I love and prefer. Read more

A game where people either ignore or underpay for my incredible artistic achievements is called “Real Life.” Read more

Haha. I clicked on this article because I thought that Psyonix quote was saying that someone wanted to put together a real Rocket League. With like real cars and real arenas and shit. I am an idiot. Read more

Fuck, I remember these prices like 10 years ago when I worked at an EB Games and was able to have first dibs on a lot of stuff that got traded in. Classic SNES games are some of the highest valued old games. NES, SNES, and I had a couple PS1 games that were worth a bunch too. Read more

And then you’re you’re spending upwards of $300 bucks to complete that library. Good quality (and therefore, working) Super Mario RPG cartridges don’t come cheap. Read more

“I’m a Sonic veteran,” one attendee wearing a Sonic t-shirt told me. “I finished the levels in Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces in a minute and a half. So I waited an hour and a half for a minute and 30 seconds [of play time].” Read more

Check the rest of the Twitter feed of the fan he flipped off. The guy is a real winner. Mr. Met is a goddamned hero. Read more

You seem entirely unfamiliar with art and how it’s made. Read more

Oh, please don’t gloss over the fact that he’s been making the exact same Ariana Grande/Starbucks “joke” since like 2013 or something. It finally got noticed! Read more

Nah the dude at the end summed it up best. Read more

Agreed, but when it’s the domestically violent PERSON harassing someone who reports on domestic violence, then that deserves....actually he probably should’ve just said he was hacked. Read more